White people afraid of black men

White People are AFRAID of Black People

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — WHITE PEOPLE are nervous around black people, especially black men.  And why, you would ask?  It’s simple, yet undeniably perplexing in the same thought and in the same sentence.

White people are afraid that black people will one day revenge them for slavery.  White people are afraid that at some point in the future, by some miraculous happening (if it takes that), black people will wake up and see them as evildoers.  White people are afraid that black people, by sheer numbers, will overtake them and make them slaves (karma).  White people are just all-out afraid of anything black or brown that’s walking on two legs.

But, the perplexing part is: white people have the power to quench and vanquish any supposed uprisings.  White people have the power of infiltration.  White people have the power to start wars and kill people all in the name of preemptive strikes and national security.  White people control the money system.   So you would think with all that might they wouldn’t be afraid.

But they are.  Not even in an alternate, upside down universe would they want black people to be in charge.

White people are afraid of that glitch, a happening, an event that would answer that question that pricks them every single day:

“How do these dark-skinned people keep it together; how do they, with such skill, pretend to forget; how do they live, eat and work right beside us; how much longer are their plans being planned before they are put into action against us for what we have done and continue to do….  When will the darkies strike?”

This is a terrible sign of insecurity on the white man’s part.  What the white man does not realize is the great success he made during African slavery (with the genocides numbering in the tens of millions and the transplantation and dehumanization of Africans), that to this day still runs through their veins in imprinted in their DNA.  The white man does not fully understand the success of slavery.  For in the day they do, they’ll realize they have nothing, except for complacency and/or haughty spirits that is, to fear.

It’s simply perplexing!  Naked Departure

15 thoughts on “White People are AFRAID of Black People”

  1. The longest journey starts with the first step, let’s start at home. Let us respect and love ourselves. Then let us teach our children to love and respect themselves. Love the colour of your skin, love your natural hair, love your nose, love your lips and love your bottoms. Make sure they get an education but don’t leave it all up to the system you must teach them their real history. Make sure you have books in the home about positive black people, only put pictures in the house of black people. It is a tough job but it is worth it, don’t making it boring make it fun that the children will enjoy. If you do these things with a heavy dose of love you’ll be amazed at the results the younger you start the better. Every day they return from school keep reinforcing these values, always keep reminding them of they natural beauty and for God sake please leave their hair natural. You want to get back at the white man teach your children to love themselves and teach the they true history.


    1. Yes….I totally agree. And especially about the lovely spirals, coils that spring forth from our heads….

      Spirals, the structure, are a natural phenomena in nature…hmmmmmmmmmm


  2. @Home
    NOVEMBER 17, 2016 AT 11:18 AM

    I agree questions are very good.

    Whites took over the India too. They killed a lot of them too. They, whites, took over the Americas as well. They did enslave some American Indians, First Nation people, in North America, in Canada to be specific, so what does that say? Although they may not have enslaved the same number as they did to Black people, they instead killed them off. So which is better? How did these First Nation people allow themselves to be either enslaved or killed?

    I don’t see myself in a loser situation at all. Many of our ancestors were under worse conditions and yet managed to excel. We may be in a disadvantaged position but that is only because we buy into the brainwashing. We, people of color, are the majority on this planet. So with the numbers behind us, we should be able to overtake the whites but we don’t. The blockage is psychological. It is programming.

    And by the by, we are all, regardless of so-called race, in essence, slaves to the 1%…….so how did that happen? And how is it continuing to happen?How and why do we, as people, the 99%, allow it?

    So much work to be done. Individual work to rid our minds of that which keep us back, down and in a catatonic state.


    1. “And by the by, we are all, regardless of so-called race, in essence, slaves to the 1%…….so how did that happen? And how is it continuing to happen?How and why do we, as people, the 99%, allow it? So much work to be done. Individual work to rid our minds of that which keep us back, down and in a catatonic state.”

      LIKE YOU just stated, we are all controlled by the 1%. Now, if that’s not unthinkable and strange and if getting that undone won’t, in your mind, take a MIRACLE, i don’t know what to say to you. What you described in those two sentences is worse than i ever said…. It has to take a miracle to resolve it because that 1% can’t be human. lol Sorry, but sometimes I have to just laugh.


      1. Perhaps a miracle but it would seem miracles are very scarce. I choose to believe that we can have change, albeit with many casualties, which is a much more possible/probable occurrence when compared to miracles.

        I agree that the 1% are not fully human. They are definitely psychopaths. Once that fact is fully understood steps to counter it can be made. But when one does not even understand the ‘game’ how can one make moves to change it?

        It is a matter of knowing your enemy and thereafter making moves to strike it and kill it off. But if you put it in the realm of miracles then no one is going to do any of the work necessary to clean up their thoughts to be able to have a clear mind and devise a plan to vanquish the opponent as they will have decided it is impossible and only a miracle, which they have no control over, will turn the tide. Well miracles are in short supply and we’ve already been in this mess, position, for too many centuries to wait for a supposed miracle to effect change. We, the people, have to be said change.


      2. i use the word ‘miracle’ because the white man…the 1% has designed facebook, twitter and ever other social network, NSA, FBI, CIA and every other surveillance-type agency, and last, but not least, THE MILITARY to watch their enemies. to think you can circumvent that is, ummm, what word can i use here…–i can’t think of a word…. the fact that they could turn human beings into slaves says a lot to me. the fact that they can dangle money or throw it out of a window and people would dive to the ground and fight and claw their way into getting useless paper in their grasp….the fact that the amount of FOOD that is wasted daily that can feed the world, but yet people are hungry…. see, i don’t believe in god, but i believe it will take a miracle to change things on Earth. all i can hope is, that when i die, to NEVER return. Lord god in heaven or beyond (and i don’t believe in god but for a miracle–call it god), i pray there’s no such thing as reincarnation!!! I am putting in my request, should i indeed have some semblance of free will, to never return to this hell to live among thieves and liars, etc. et al., and to stay DEAD DEAD DEAD if I have no other choices. I’d choose death a trillion times than to come back here. Amen.


  3. The author of this article does not understand that there is a boiling point. A point of no return and it has been simmering for centuries. It’s there every single day. So….you may believe that they have the power but they really don’t. It is those who subscribe, and believe, that the whites have the power that keep things in check. Black people are a majority on the island yet the minority is able to rule. Why? Because, in the end, they are ALLOWED to. The majority has BOUGHT INTO that paradigm. It could change on a dime, as the saying goes. And it does not take millions of people to make that happen either. There is ALWAYS a straw that breaks the camel’s back…just one incident, minor or major, that prompts the upheaval which is so very long overdue.


    1. I woke early this a.m. and wrote this article. Like I said, at the end, if they every become complacent or filled with pride, it will be ALL over. What I tried to convey is, the white man has a reason to be afraid, and they should be afraid….and it’s because they are afraid that they never sleep and there is an insecurity with lack of sleep, but they must keep vigil. That’s what I tried to say, esp. at the end. Sheri Veronica


    2. I believe it will take a miracle or the white man would have to slip up. And I don’t see the white man slipping up (I wouldn’t if I were them) … so the next thing will be a miracle. The fact that it was able to happen in the first place, according to HISTORY and according to what I see now with my very own eyes, directs me to have these views. Accept for a miracle, BLACK PEOPLE are losers and will remain losers and they will keep screwing each other over and devaluing their women and children. Keep an eye on the black man……the white man has already shown his position and his resolve. Sheri Veronica


      1. The majority of people on this earth are people of color. Whites are a minority.

        Listen, the fact that whites bamboozled ALL aboriginal people across this globe and took over their lands is not limited to Black people. I am Black and I am not a loser. You are Black are you a loser? I take exception to the broad strokes you sweep across all Black people. You are just buying into the same crap that is spewed day in, day out 365 days for centuries. How on earth are a brainwashed people supposed to conquer their brainwashing when they are not even aware of their condition? You with your broad strokes of Black people are all……whatever you want to say, is also due, in my humble opinion, to brainwashing. How are we to trust each other when we’ve been taught, for centuries, to mistrust each other? How are we to look to Black people when we’ve been taught, for centuries, that only whites have knowledge and speak truth? Unless we recognize the mechanism and work diligently to break free from it, nothing is going to change.

        In order to control Black people whites had to teach us, for centuries, to hate each other – can’t have Black people working together otherwise they would overthrow the whites. Why do you think lighter skinned Blacks were pitted against darker skinned Blacks and vice versa?With that agenda set and put into practice is there really any surprise as to the state of relationships amongst ourselves?

        We, in the Caribbean, are a very small percentage of Black people. Are you trying to tell me, with the 100’s of millions of Black people on this globe, that ALL are losers?

        I sometimes, as I’ve said before, question your agenda?


      2. Questions are good! I have questions also. If a minority is controlling a majority, the majority are losers. Caveman math? Maybe. Do I see myself as a loser? I see myself as being born in a loser position/situation, but trying to overcome it without all the emotion. First, you have to have your head straight. Then, good actions follow. First, we have to understand that our ancestors were slaves. A question I have is: how did that happen? Why is it said that they could NOT enslave Indians (dark skinned also), but the Africans were broken and became slaves. Yeah, some fought, but still, the remainder were slaves. And still slaves. Now, if that’s not a loser position, I don’t know what is…setting aside emotions and all…..


  4. BLACK! People Should bring home the Fear to them !and Start beating them the Way they beat us ,Rape they Wives ! Kill them ! RIP the Children from they Wives Stomach and Stomp on them , behead them in the Street’s and at their Plantation’s Home’s ! Force them at Gun Point to Work in Our Kitchen’s and Garden’s , Round them Up! and Sell them at auction’s to the highest bidder ! Separate them from they Children , and dog’s ! Burned down their homes , Shackled them and Whipped them until they bleed , Called them Pig’s Pay them Pennies for Working 14 hour’s a day . Make them Slave’s for the next 1000 years ! This is Why !
    the Fauck White People fear us, because What is Written here is What they have done to us for year’s and Still happening ! Sound’s Frightening ! I no ! Ponder on What you all actually done to People because of they Skin tone , beautiful Charcoal . But We as black People have an heart and Wouldn’t treat another Human or Humanity the Said Way you treated US !
    So you Can relaxed now ! Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man !


    1. This will happen. They know the prophecy. We are late in everything.

      Psalms:137:7: Remember, O LORD, the children of Edom(The White man) in the day of Jerusalem; who said, Rase it, rase it, even to the foundation thereof.
      Psalms:137:8: O daughter of Babylon(Edom/White man), who ART TO BE DESTROYED; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.
      Psalms:137:9: Happy shall he be, that taketh and DASETH THY LITTLE ONES AGAINST THE STONES.

      Retribution is a bitch. It will happen and it is written in the bible; the black man’s book.


  5. The problem with that logic is by the time whites do realize, because you are assuming that they don’t, the black psyche would have changed.

    You can guarantee that the whites also know something you don’t about all of that, hence their hesitation.


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