Caribbean women and Jo’s Sure Shrink Cream

THE CARIBBEAN/JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — BLACK WOMEN in the islands are going berserk over this shrinking cream.  They figure, because the bleaching cream has created sagging (thinning) of the skin on their faces, that this shrinking cream would reverse the effects of the damage caused by bleaching.  They are clamoring to get their hands on this cream for their face.  Ever heard such a thing?

JO Sure Shrink
JO Sure Shrink

8 thoughts on “Caribbean women and Jo’s Sure Shrink Cream”

  1. Here is a classic example of the power of psychology.

    In recent earth story, Black people, actually all people of color, but I am speaking about the Black community in particular. We’ve been whipped into submission and repeatedly told how ugly and undesirable darker skin is, for centuries. As I mentioned in another post, doing such 24/7 x 365 days x ~600 years ( on going) will reap such consequences: i.e. lighting skin, buying straight (er) hair and ruining our natural hair growth not to mention causing blockage of the energy produced by the coils sprung from our crowns. This we do and play off as not a big deal. We say others do it, so what’s the big deal. When 99% of a population practice this harmful behavior, there is indeed a problem. There is no other group of people, so-called races, where the women and men subscribe, to the same degree, ie percentage, to this type of behavior. It is a psychological problem. It is not normal. When are we going to accept it for what it is and change the behavior? We know that our society is structure on white supremacy so…we should realize that our thoughts are so constructed too. Every image in the media: internet, the idiot PROGRAMMING box tv, newspapers is negative towards Black people, for the most part. Every time we view these image, every time we call each other nigger, ugly black so and so, we play into the system that was setup by white supremacists. We are doing the job of denigrating, and keep us in a divided chaotic place, that was once meted out by the overseer, slave master. Wake up!!!!!!!!!

    An aside to the above:

    How many new shows on the PROGRAMMING tool, tv, have to do with slavery? How many slavery movies have been made, in very recent times? Don’t you find it odd that there is this resurgence of slavery and Black people theme? Isn’t there enough published material already about this subject matter? Why the need to recreate it?Hmmmmmmmmmmmm


  2. Bttb I like your style also and most of the time you are ” right on the money ” . There are times when I might not agree with you and I am sure that at some times you might not agree with me , but that is the beauty of discussions to agree and sometimes disagree.

    It is awesome that there are blogs like NAKED DEPARTURE that let Bajans know the truth about what is going on in Barbados because the majority of Barbadians still believe that the ” bad guys ” are Jamaica , Trinidad , Guyana , St.Lucia , St.Vincent and others .


  3. You are right Bttb . . . . . hide the cream from them ! a huge majority of the black women in the Islands are uneducated , stupid and ignorant single mothers so they don’t know any better. Especially in Barbados where there is more ” dark skinned ” women then any other Island in the Caribbean . Ask me why that is . . I don’t know why .

    Here is an example of what I mean by them being stupid etc.  very regularly on ND you will see posts from stupid illiterate Bajan women telling another womnn to ' leave my man alone he don't want you ".

    Well wait a minute stupid ” bajan woman ” you shouldn’t be telling another woman to leave your man alone you should be confronting your man and telling him to leave the other woman alone because if you were taking care of your man he won’t be letting the other woman take care of him so the blame is on you Mrs / Ms. illiterate bajan ass***e.

    Back to the point of the bleaching cream I know where they can get ” tons of this cream ” but like you Bttb this is one time that I will never give assistance to these illiterate ass****s.

    It’s a pleasure to see their faces dropping to f**k off.


  4. Ya ! Man ya ! Black People Want to be White ! Love White People So much that they Change the colour God gave them to Look like the White Man! How Sad ! I Say hide the Cream from them ! Let they face and Skin Rotten !Good!


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