Nisha Craigwell

Digicelplay Barbados Addition; Nisha Craigwell

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, to add to what was sent earlier, Nisha Craigwell wig ain’t only crusty she BALD TOO she head just like her nasty bias ways if she don’t like ya ya can’t progress in there she does talk bout going church every Sunday the pew soon burn a whole in she ***.

Going church every time the church door open and bad mind and got wicked ways.  Always talking bout she does hear things through she grapevine at work (people that does carry back news to management)(Debrina, Sabrina, Chantelle and the rest).  The grapevine must be getting pay overtime.  How could you be a manager and constantly listen to gossip from employees what kind of manager does that?  Run off with gossip.

Remy Weave
Remy Weave

She promote one inefficient one called Susan Licorish all she come work to do is gossip and message how a woman who ain’t got four cxcs could be a manager all Susan does come work to do is message talk ppl name n carry back news to Nisha and Maria. Her management role is manager of kissing *** and gossip mouth smell s****y from kissing so much a**.  Tell her do anything on Microsoft Excell or anything to deal with a computer she got to go and ask somebody for help illiterate is rhole put she name between two slices of bread she would eat it.

In regards to that MANDRAKE of Maria she get in the paper and say Digicelplay is her extended family When? Where? How? From the time that WITCH enters a room it goes sombre if fifty people work in play 48 don’t like d baggy eye bi****h.  The time she takes to make people lives miserable take some of she pay and get to the nearest spa for cucumber treatment for those eyes.  Maria is no way near approachable always licking she lips like she poison and as you speak she ready to shut you down like she is miss know it all.  All the degree she get in the easy magazine and say she has and the golfer and swimmer that she is she is an unhappy bi***h and tries to make everyone else unhappy and miserable just like her.  She Nisha nor Susan never manage not even a mice Nisha usta work at Lime now Flow as a Corporate Sales Rep Maria did the same and illiterate Susan work at Lime call center.


Charlie needs to re-evaluate his management team and has a say in who they hire not Nisha sister man that does speak to Nisha like them on the block.  Come work with he hair twiggle up something that other staff members get ridicule for.  Nisha is an incompetent dead bubby (if ya doubt the dead bubby part get the easy magazine Maria did feature in and peep the mango long bubbies and ain’t got a child yet) bald head wig head 35 n look like going on 95 unfair hypocrite a poor great get over bi***h she get what she didn’t expect calling her staff ungrateful because them talk bout the $5.95 you get if u sell an internet service and fast to tell ya u n no manager take your place, like she is one she is very incompetent and unmannerly and ah can’t get over and can’t stress enough how much hypocrite the Nisha Craigwell is.

Next thing how could employees get catch smoking weed in their uniform and still working?  And cause somebody else sick a few times contract ain’t get renew? How are you all get over bi***hes really managing a company?

Oh and don’t let me forget how much *** Debrina Davis kiss to get that team lead position ya got to rebrand she Nisha’s toilet paper and Sabrina Browne her best friend that look like a black poodle when it get wet that also kisses Nisha’s *** and get team lead. Debrina meet target twice for the near year she at Digicel attitude STINKS face always push up n face like she is a lepard could play dot to dots in her face she too f*****g a co-worker one of the ones that  does smoke n cut up weed at work in the company vehicle and he now trying to f*****k the new girl Creshonni and got poor Debrina vex although she no he live home with he so-called “fiance” and child one called Antonio Gonsalves.

Digicelplay is a corrupt department the staff f******g the staff the staff f******g the managers sisters the *** kissers getting promote.

But God don’t sleep he sees and he knows all it might not be wunna time now but karma is a b*****h.

Ah coming work tomorrow and skin and laugh and act the deceit before ah end up in Culloden Rd tomorrow.  Your Friendly Co-Worker

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Digicelplay Barbados Addition; Nisha Craigwell”

  1. It’s a pity this person can’t construct a sentence that’s easily understandable…I felt as though I was a CSI Agent trying to decipher this code….however “person” it’s sad that you might had lost your job…But don’t blame others for your incompetence!!! Hopefully you find peace and happiness in life….


  2. When I was at Digicel, Digicel was a company of results. What is all of this office politics going on? The Digicel 5 years ago would have cleared that management team, bring in a team from Group.

    It’s not too late.


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