Newport Cigarette

Fake Newport Cigarettes (Black People’s Choice)

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — NEWPORT — There is a video circulating which has a person warning/talking about a fake Newport Cigarettes that is being sold in the US.  For some reason, the fake product is getting the ‘pass’ by US officials (the FDA).  Newport is said to be a brand of cigarettes preferred and smoked by blacks.

If there is a war on the head of the black man, this, per the presenter, is a way to introduce a new disease into his system.  Watch and decide for yourself.

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Fake Newport Cigarettes (Black People’s Choice)”

  1. As a wife of an employee at RJ Reynolds, I can assure you that it’s just a package change. I’m surprised you’re not wearing a tinfoil hat in your video to stop the aliens from stealing your thoughts.


  2. @thejustician
    NOVEMBER 18, 2016 AT 3:59 PM
    0 0 RATE THIS

    No, I am not agreeing with you. If cigarettes killed then all those who smoke, especially long term smokers, would be dead and they are not.

    I asked for proof because people regurgitate what they’ve heard on the controlled mainstream media and do not, for the most part, fact check any of the provided data. I’ve looked at the research that is the basis for the mantra that smoking causes cancer, and the data just does not support the claim. You can look at the data yourself too but probably won’t and will continue to proclaim the mantra.

    Many people diagnosed with lung cancer are not, and have never been, smokers. Supposedly, one gets lung cancer from smoking cigarettes..Hmmmmmmm


  3. Yes there is a silent war declared on blacks. However, because it’s a silent war, much of the enemy’s tactics depend on the black man’s ignorance, and not just on overt attacks. Knowledge, Truth, indicates that cigarettes kill. Imagine that some blacks would rather fight for the right to exchange their wealth for real cigarettes which will kill them, than to act in knowledge and truth, and quit smoking. Such a person isn’t a black man. That’s a nigger. They deserve a lifetime supply of newport, or whatever poisons these ignorant clowns love more than their lives, to weed them out and finally see true progress.


    1. @thejustician

      Where exactly is the proof that cigarettes kill people?

      The air we breathe, as declared by the World Health Organization, is carcinogenic. So, while I agree that commercial cigarettes are bad for you due to the many chemicals contained therein, tobacco itself is actually good for the body. Do some research on the benefits of nicotine.


      1. You are asking me for proof yet agreeing that they are bad for you…?

        While I take your point in reference to nicotine, I said nothing about nicotine. I said and stand by CIGARETTES kill, and as you yourself noted they are processed using dangerous chemicals including benzene, a proven, not suspected, carcinogen.


    2. Eat a d you b klan f. I tell you what I s on a white sheet and choke yo to death with it scarey little boy. You wouldn’t dare say that to the first black man you see on the street


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