Chijioke Obioha - HANGED!!

Meet Chijioke Obioha, HANGED!!

NIGERIA/SINGAPORE (Naked Departure) — CHIJIOKE OBIOHA — Stop all the ruckus Chijioke, it’s time to meet your maker!  Obioha, a 38-year-old Nigerian, has been executed (by hanging from the facking neck!) in Singapore after being found guilty of drug trafficking, the local media reported on Friday.

Mr. Obioha was hanged in Changi Prison early Friday morning alongside a Malaysian national who was convicted on separate drugs offenses, the Straits Times reported, quoting a statement from the country’s anti-narcotics bureau.

Mr. Obioha was arrested in April 2007 after being found in possession of more than 2.6 kilograms of cannabis. The quantity surpassed the 500 grams threshold that triggers the automatic presumption of trafficking under Singaporean law.  (Source: Internet news)

Naked Departure

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