George Flowers -- HIV predator

Meet HIV-Infected George Flowers, Jamaican

JAMAICA/CANADA (Naked Departure) — GEORGE FLOWERS — Toronto police issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for an HIV-positive man alleged to have had unprotected sex with multiple partners while concealing from them his condition.

George Flowers, then 43, also known as Mr. Flowas, is charged with 11 counts of aggravated sexual assault and police believe there may be additional victims.

Meanwhile, back in Jamaica, he’s lost his extradition bid and will be heading back to Canada to face charges.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) yesterday said that George Flowers will now be extradited to Canada where he is wanted on 12 counts of aggravated sexual assault.  A news release from the ODPP said that Flowers has been accused of engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse with four women knowing that he was HIV-positive and without informing them of his HIV-positive status.  “Three of the four complainants subsequently contracted HIV, and all complainants swore in affidavits that they would not have had sexual intercourse with him had they known he was HIV-positive,” the ODPP said.

 (Sources: JamaicaObserver and TheGlobeandMail)

Naked Departure

HIV positive George Flowers, Jamaican
HIV positive George Flowers, Jamaican

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