Bad cop Sean Joseph

Meet Police Constable Sean Joseph

TRINIDAD (Naked Departure) — SEAN JOSEPH — A bad-to-the-bone and terrifying-looking Joseph, 36 (yes, he is 36 years old) is accused of armed robbery, assault and illegal ammunition possession and remains in custody.  He had three years’ service as a police officer and, armed with a gun, he robbed Wei Hui Zhu of $406,000, an iPhone valued $7,000 and an FX Revolution air rifle valued $20,000.  Before the robbery, he used personal violence towards Zhu.

Another charge was that armed with a gun, he robbed Jinfu Zhu of a $6,000 iPhone and used personal violence towards him after the robbery.

This comes on the heels on 150 cops in Trinidad being suspended on criminal charges.

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams. ­ —Photo: CURTIS CHASE

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Meet Police Constable Sean Joseph”

  1. FREE! The Officer ! the Bad Man ! and go and arrest the Politician’s ! Let Bad Man Live ! and Lock Up the Real Criminal’s Politician’s and Lawyer’s !
    both are the Same ! Free the Man do! Bad Man!


  2. He is a real Bad Man ! ! ! You Said Bad to the bone ! I Said Bad Man ! I Wouldn’t Condemned this Bad Man ! for doing What the Creator’s Of Crime’s and Murder are doing ! the Stinking Politician’s ! When I See them in handcuffs and being lead to Court then I Would Start at the bottom with the Bad Man ! Police Officer ! Let’s Clean from the Roof and Come down ! to the Ground Sill ! He Should have Killed Some Politician’s that’s the Only Mistake! I tired Of Seeing the branches being lead to Court , and the Tree Trunk’s continues to be Infested with Poison! an Very Cancerous . Remove the Cancer from the Root’s and it Wouldn’t Spread to the rest of the body .BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man!🔫🔫🔫


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