Usain Bolt, Bastard and Womanizer

Usain Bolt: Being a Jamaican Bastard has its Privileges

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — USAIN BOLT — Usain Bolt’s take on womanizing or being a misogynist is: it’s normal where he comes from.  In England (white people), when someone becomes rich and famous, they marry and have children.  Us two-bit, black bastards in the islands?  Well, when we get some money in our pockets, we womanize and throw a lot of our women, who later become bitter, to the curb!  It’s a privilege we have!  It’s the culture.  And a rich Jamaican, bastard and all (mom and dad didn’t set any standards.  In fact, they didn’t get around to the business of being married until 11 years after he was born), can’t and shouldn’t be judged by the goodly white people’s (of England) standards/culture.

And to think, were Usain raised in a proper ‘culture’, he’d be married with kids all now!  What’s a black man with slave mentality and money to do?!!

Well, that’s what I heard in my head when I read the article re: Usain Bolt and him not apologizing for his philandering/misogynistic ways.  What’s your take on what Bolt said?

Is part of the black man’s revenge for slavery fu*king the white man’s women (after all, it’s not something they would hang you for now)?  And if that’s the plan, can you (the black man) leave your money and credit cards at home before you go out (you know, like how the white man did it back in the day)?  Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Usain Bolt: Being a Jamaican Bastard has its Privileges”

  1. ASK ! TIGER WOOD’S! His White Wife have him OUT! 550 Million us dollar’s divorce Settlement ! that’s all the White Woman need’s from them , When they becomes Famous ! then Spit them Out! on One Mistake! Ask OJ Simpson ! Who is Still in Prison ! When all the Wealth and Fame Vanished the White Woman’s Vanished like Wise ! Then the black dog’s returned to the black Woman With they broke Self’s ! and the black Woman refused to Poison the Stray Dog’s .


  2. well you know my views always differ from most ppl here, yes the fuking aspect, hell ya fuk them white hot p*****ies bi**ches.. if they want to be famous make them famous, put the black leather on them, let the head line read white woman got dumped by famous black star,,i see nothing wrong with it just f***k eeemmm,, yea f***k all em all, i sound like a black man with a big d***k lol,, what i think sould happen is that black men should just breed them white women and help water down that white race, all the way down dilute it,, put the black gem in all them off springs, yea so BOLT dont go looking for love with those white women just live up to your title the sprint king, hop on and hop off,, if she ask for a race see how long she will last lol,,live up to your name hit them and just bolt, run bolt ruunnn,, lol oh my pum pum hurt ma,, wahloss, london is half way up,


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