Child Abuse Video

Video – CAUTION – Child Abuse – WARNING

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — CAUTION — The video shows a new-born baby being savagely abused, probably knocked out from facial blows.  Even more reason why a parent should never leave their child with anyone!  The child is too young to remember and good thing there was surveillance in the home.  Hard less learned.

Obviously, when she applied for that job, she had the biggest smile on her face, was soft-spoken and gave an image of being an earth-bound angel.  YOU CANNOT TRUST PEOPLE.  Trust Naked Departure on that!  Naked Departure

11 thoughts on “Video – CAUTION – Child Abuse – WARNING”

  1. I wud kill her fa real hmmm dat is y my children neva went ta ah day care r had ah baby sitter she wAnts shooting n her head at close range dese people does b sick r wha stupsee


  2. I’m Surprised that much Women haven’t responded to this !even much Father’s ! Is this Normal behavior across Barbadians home’s also ! Why I’m not Seeing an avalanche Of Condemnation against this Cruelty to a Child a Humanity ! Why!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I felt this child torture all in my guts wtf, I cried watching this inhumane behavior. I would slowly torture before I kill her. People like her don’t need jail time they require a painful death with zero compassion.


  4. I Tried to get in the Video Just now to Shoot the bitch in She Mouth ! but it Wouldn’t allowed me !I wish I Could of get My hand’s On She ! dread .


  5. TELL! ME The Parent’s Of this Innocent Child Killed this BITC? Tell Me So Ya ! the first Woman I’m in Support Of Murder For ! What the Rass ! I Seeing tho ! People gone Mad ! Ya ! No body is Safe ! Somebody tell ma She dead ! Na ! Please , She have to die for this !


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