Chefette Restaurants, Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CHEFETTE RESTAURANTS — Naked, I want to tell you a bit more about Chefette Restaurants.  First let me tell you that all the staff gets over $11 an hour for anyone who has the misconceived notion that they are underpaid.

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Now about the drive tru we all love so much, the girls are working with a timing system of 3 mins per car, now this 3 mins starts from the time you drive to the menu board, before the Cashier even greets you, and yes I said Cashier, this person taking your order is also the person making your change, packing your order and catching your drink.  All of this has to be done in under 3 mins.  Baring in mind that before you get to the pick up window there is probably another car at the menu board, so she is now faced with completing your order while taking another one, so excuse her if she seems distracted while giving you your order, or ask you to repeat yourself at the menu board.

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Now I know it is pretty upsetting to have to park for a simple menu item like a burger with cheese or a large chocolate thick shake but if you are indecisive about what you want or take a while to find your money chances are you will be asked to park as these are items that have to be made and you definitely can’t stay at the window because for these girls every second counts.

Now let’s talk about food quantity, mainly the size of rotis.  This is not at the staff’s discretion, oz ladles and spoons are used to assemble your roti.  A chicken and potato roti is merely 2oz of chicken and a spoon full of potato, an all chicken just 4oz of chicken, and yes some rotis look bigger than others but that relies solely on how some people wrap them.  Place them on a scale and you will see.

Next is the ice cream, we all love to tell these girls ‘I want a big lovely scoop’ with a grin in hopes that they would put more elbow grease, but dream on because ice cream is counted/measured also.  Each bucket yields a certain about of scoops and if there is any differentiation between what was used and what the system calculates was sold, these girls will have to pay for it.  For those who like to buy three scoops in a cup, the ice cream is supposed to fit neatly in the cup without touching the cover.

So much more to tell but that’s all for now.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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