Dwayne Gittens

Dwayne Gittens and Blount’s Disease

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DWAYNE GITTENS — Blount’s Disease patient Dwayne Gittens is struggling to accumulate $40, 000 for his surgery to treat his legs.  How do you ‘accumulate’ $40,000.00 in Barbados?  Except for robbing some unsuspecting foreign person (and, given his situation, that ain’t going to happen) or creating an American GoFundMe account, the possibility of that happening in Barbados is next to zero.

“Truthfully, I went through years of people laughing at me, mocking me when I’m walking, so I try to restrict myself from being outside.  So I only go out if I have to go out and that would be to doctor visits . . .  but beyond that I may go outside with one or two friends and I may go as far as the bus stop. After a period of time, I get tired of people looking at me, staring, laughing, mocking me, and insulting me so I just restrict my movements.”   It’s the culture!

Blount's Disease
Blount’s Disease

There are free treatment centers in almost every state in the USA.  If you have family in the US, all you’d need is a plane ticket and ND will provide you the details, based on the location, of where to submit your application for treatment.   Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Dwayne Gittens and Blount’s Disease”

  1. yeh ND will help you and the take a picture of it for credit when your ass get sent back. You cant just get on a plane and get the free treatment in the states… shit talk.


  2. What’s wrong on the island is the culture of no sympathy or empathy for each over, they are raising sociopaths and have been for decades, check out the leaders, a nurse was injured at QEH decades ago, in constant pain all those years and the Attorney General’s office refuses to see that she gets compensated, or even enough money to correct the injury through surgery.

    They prefer sit and watch her die in pain and feel all self satisfied, those are the leaders acting in that manner, people follow their leaders.

    There are wild animals with more compassion for each other than many of the people in Barbados, it’s a true backward banana republic, you only have to listen to the way Fruendel Stuart, the prime minister speaks to the people and you have to wonder if he thinks he is speaking to wild animals,the leaders must be proud that they project the images of savages unto the people…


  3. Well what a lousy culture then.

    I expect children to mock those who, sadly, have health issues. But adults? And when the children mock I expect the adults to correct them not participate in such nasty behavior.

    We all have faults, physical, mental or otherwise. Grow up people. Where is your compassion?

    What’s wrong with people in Barbados? Seriously, seriously.


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