Marcus Bisram, suspect in faiyaz Narinedatt's murder

Meet Marcus Bisram, Suspect in Ordered Killing

GUYANA/UNITED STATES (Naked Departure) — MARCUS BISRAM — The 27-year-old Guyanese, Marcus Bisram, living in the United States, is linked to a murder in Guyana.

The story goes that there was a party held by Bisram, head of a US-based Charity (Marcus Brian Bisram Foundation), in Guyana.  Bisram is heralded as a humanitarian and an honorable person by people who know him.  He’s pledged millions of dollars to Guyana’s educational system and for Guyana’s abused woman…all the things humanitarians do.

But, it is alleged that 36-year-old Faiyaz Narinedatt (a carpenter), a guest at the said party held by Bisram, went in the back of the yard, where the party was held, to relieve himself (urinate).  While he was in the yard, it is alleged that Bisram, the humanitarian, followed him and started to ‘feel him up’.  Narinedatt planted a hard slap on Bisram to which Bisram ordered his murder and promised immunity to the killers, allegedly.

The carpenter was beaten to death and the murder was then made to look like a hit and run (they rolled a vehicle over Narinedatt’s body).

We will continue to follow this most interesting story.  Being straight (non gay) can be bad for your health!  Of note, the carpenter, Narinedatt had a wife and children.  Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Meet Marcus Bisram, Suspect in Ordered Killing”

  1. Marcus bishram feel money is he god he need to jail for life he is a very wicked man and a murdera leaf dose family to suffer Marcus bishram get free money in the us he never work for that money and to kill people and then he a dress up and go mandir and he is a murdera and the jackass them what going to the mandir in the us bishram Marcus is God to them in the mandir every one who taking that murder money should suffer in life


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