Segwayne Kirk Anthony Goldson, 65 Years in Jail for Vicious Rape

Meet Segwayne Kirk Anthony Goldson

JAMAICA/USA (Naked Departure) — SEGWAYNE KIRK ANTHONY GOLDSON — The story of Goldson, a Jamaican, is shrouded in rape.  It was a rape so vicious, so devastating, that the victim is damaged probably for the remainder of her life.  DNA evidence was presented during the trial.

The judge gave Jamaican Goldson 50 years plus 15 (65 years) jail sentence.  There is another rape charge for which he is yet to be tried.


These sick black men are accustomed raping and terrorizing women in the islands, but when they come to the USA with their sickness, instead of a 2-year sentence for rape (which they get in the islands), they find themselves behind bars for over half a century!  If the authorities do have the right man who committed that rape, it is excellent justice!  He should never see freedom again and when he does, he’d be seeing it as a deportee back in Jamaica — where he belongs.  Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Meet Segwayne Kirk Anthony Goldson”

  1. Caribbean Government’s Sponsored Rapes against Women and Children,
    that’s the reason they are given those Short Jailed term’s ! Surprising Women don’t Fight for they Wright’s !


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