Three ministers summoned: Lashley, Sinckler and Kellman

Michael Lashley says Mia Mottley is a Fraud Attorney

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MICHAEL LASHLEY — Three Cabinet ministers were summoned to appear before the Opposition-led Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament to answer a number of questions related to the operations of the state-run National Housing Corporation (NHC).  Committee Chairman and Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) leader, Mia Mottley, has apparently written to Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, former Housing & Lands Minister Michael Lashley and his successor Denis Kellman requesting that they appear in person before the parliamentary committee, in light of concerns raised by the country’s Auditor-General Leigh Trotman about financial spending by the NHC.

In what can be called being professionally and politically incorrect, Michael Lashley responded, in an online Facebook comment, by saying:

“All the Ministers have to do is to ignore the requests to allend (sic).  Simple as that.  A person without a Law Certificate which is required by Law in Barbados to be considered as a Lawyer has no legal authority to summons anyone.”

Fraud attorneys, fraud architects, fraud doctors, fake independence….

Naked Departure

12 thoughts on “Michael Lashley says Mia Mottley is a Fraud Attorney”

  1. Lashley should be the last person to point any fingers at anyone. He happens to be among the biggest (put any moniker to this …….) in the land. The recent rains is a God-send for him to put more moola in his and his friends deep pockets. Talking about millions to repair the roads especially in Oistins Hill. What a pathetic joker.


  2. Miss London! Bad John ! 2017!
    Ya ! On Fire! Girl ,Ya burning down real Cane’s and Smoking Out! the Snake’s ! Look how rain dose set Up! tho , ya !


    1. BAJAN TO THE BONE, things like this upsets me, i mean look at all the things going on here in barbados , things to sink the economy, rising food prices in fact all kinda cost, water probs etc, and only thing the writer can find to talk bout is MIA mottley and she law this and law that, when it aint bout she like p****y and nuff crap its some other personal thing how she dress look at she hair, how that gine help the economy, thats is like how dem ministers talking bout being a republic, how becoming a republic gine help the country, the REPUBLIC OF BARBADOS oppose to BARBADOS. changing the name gine make money rain down turn round thing ,businesses get better, change the mind set of the people, ministers just running around with a mind full of silly games and the foolish yard fool people buying into them, it time to forget the B n the D thing and realize that on both side years ago had good leaders and ministers, not like these crooked plain face ones now, not saying that the others didnt get them feet wet too but not like these, so the ppl need to stop the crap writing junk and write about the things that killing we, and let them know a republic aint gine change nothing, just because you check ppl pocket at a door for a weapon you think it change they minds, so left the woman alone, BAJAN TO THE BONE ppl say she like p*y if its true well i aint vex wid she cause the men dont seem to be able too, them like buttom,, so mia fuk that if them want fu**king, let d ppl go mind dem business,


  3. Mia made it all the way to deputy prime minister and sttorney general and none of the politicians, lawyers and government ministers, commissioners of police, DPP Charles Leacock and the DPP before him saw it necessary to arrest her as a fraud for allmof those decades, so what does that say about them.

    That unsavory character for a government minister Michael Lasley needs to shit or get off the pot, have Mia arrested for impersonating an attorney, there are laws in place to do so, trying to distract the electorate to hide his own thievery of taxpayer’s money and illegal criminal activities will not work this time, everyone knows the government ministers took up taxpayer’s money and spent it wildly with Mark Maloney and his dead end scams to enrich himself and for the minister’s own personal gain at taxpayer’s expense and the projects are nothing but crap, dead end projects..


  4. Look at these three thieving mice getting rich on suffering of Barbadian,
    Selling Barbados to the whites ,Barbadian be warned bizzy William is go to run for prime minister and he is going to win. was minding my business at work in a white home and the talk I heard about bizzy running and a person with a B name Bertcom or berham I don’t quite remember.lord have mercy if he win these people don’t like blacks ,talk about buying votes, bizzy have the money to buy country.I blame The prime minister for the corruption that going on in Barbados he is not a leader .he better at haveing tea parties and cocking the little finger .not runing a party.ministers doing de dog with tax payers money course no one in governing the party.That how the trumps will take over Barbados bizzy William Trump .never say it can’t happen Bajans are new faced and gulable.


  5. you know the thing that does hurt my ra****s to see how wanna yard fouls does bring up these stories, leave mia alone, wanna just bout party and does want to talk cu*****t,, if wanna want to talk let me give you notes to talk about, the hotel in st peter that the DLP bought two point four million bajan dollars , ninety six million in four season,, the NHC houses that get build , even with out permission from town and country planning,, and still cant get ppl in them, talk bout the seven million on independence,, talk bout the ten percent then the ministers from the DLP went to the house to get back while public workers cant get a fu*****king raise, wanna rasse fa real and coming here talking cut bout mia,, talk bout d money lasley had at the air port to carry out, talk bout chris, talk bout sickly lowe, talk bout the girly look lashley and girly looking blacket, see how them does move like flowers girls, talk bout carrington,, writer dont get me fucking started, talk bout the two hundred million US that gine go to rebuild sam lords, when there are so many hotels here that cant even get fill in peak times, so why rebuild that hotel, let a private person buy the land and rebuild it, wanna want to carry way that fu**king money too, where all the money does go every year for road tax and so many cars on the road and still the roads bad with pot holes as big as my stinking cu***t,, where all the money gone to contact on this thing and that thing that aint get started but money paid out, talking cu***t bout mia,, is she d only one who did wrong, and that one hypocrites talking rass****le,, i neither D or B , all dem do c***t but stop singling out a one person, see thing and dont see hear n dont hear, rass*****le,, look london fall ta fu****k down again,,


  6. Fraud Attorney made it all the way to Attorney General of Barbados, If true what else is a lie, Dont get me started, Did she just paid BAR fee after being drunk? if not true who else knew and kept it to themselves ?Was it a cover up and fraud played upon the People of an entire Nation?Must all her cases be undone? her name removed from History as they removed Beatrice Henry the larges land owner in Barbados History from 1926 to 1985,


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