Almar Cave and Juanita Cox

Almar Cave

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, Almar Cave and Jaunita Cox are finally getting married on the 3rd of December.  I think Jaunita should get her man to move her out of the pack family house into a home with her kids before looking for a ring.

How can you want to marry a woman and draw up in the mom’s house Almar Cave?  You are a teacher at Ellerslie School.  Why don’t you start by ‘teaching’ the soon-to-be wife and children what a man should do to make a home and a family.  And all you think about is your belly….  Dammmmmmmmmmmm.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “Almar Cave”

  1. I can bet this is a female that wrote this letter, and I am sure that you have a lot of damn skeletons in your closet. The time you and others like you take the time to sit down and write Bs about others and what they are doing and how they are living. You need to take that time to see how you can improve yourself by making that paper and stacking high so that you can do something with your life. You can holla back so I can nuke your rass.


  2. I must thank you again for advertising our wedding. To bad its attendance by invite only. I would also like to thank the other contributors who commented on this irrelevant post, you have really highlighted how immature, uneducated and stupid the person is who posted this. I do hope it has made your life much better. Anyways have a pleasant night ND.


  3. To the writer you are a gypsy u vex because you were not invited to the wedding, full stop, go clean yuh glass windows before yuh clean someone else own, is the family complaining to you? yuh malicious


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