Carrington and the client he tried to rob, John Griffiths

Barbados, a Culture of Sociopaths!!

BARBADOS/THE BEAST (Naked Departure) — A CULTURE OF SOCIOPATHS — What’s wrong on the island is the culture of NO sympathy or NO empathy for each other.  They are raising sociopaths and have been for decades!  Check out the leaders.

A nurse was injured at QEH decades ago, in constant pain all those years and the Attorney General’s office refuses to see that she gets compensated or even enough money to correct the injury through surgery.  They prefer to sit and watch her die in pain and feel all self satisfied.

And let’s not even talk about Michael Carrington and what he did to his elderly, handicapped client.  Michael held onto that  man’s money for over a decade waiting for him to die.  The man had to seek legal redress to get his money back and to this day, we are not sure of that outcome.  What we are SURE about is that Michael Carrington is sitting as speaker of the house in Parliament and was never arrested for grand theft or disbarred!

Those are the leaders acting in that manner, people follow their leaders.

There are wild animals with more compassion for each other than many of the people in Barbados.  It’s a true backward banana republic, you only have to listen to the way Freundel Stuart, the prime minister, speaks to the people and you have to wonder if he thinks he is speaking to wild animals.

The leaders must be proud that they project the images of savages unto the people….  The Truth (Anonymous) (As Edited)

Naked Departure

2 thoughts on “Barbados, a Culture of Sociopaths!!”

  1. The system of government in Barbados has gotten progressively worst, and there are no idiot savants in sight in the government, in Barbados. Every facet of civil society in Barbados is in decay, and the people have seemingly, narcotized or anesthetized themselves from the incompetence of their elected officials. There is no social transformation, so there is no need for a cabinet position that deals with social transformation. Perhaps what is telling, is that Barbados faces Colossal failure at an epic time in the country’s history, the fiftieth year of so-called independence. Barbados is dependently, independent. The fait accompli, that Barbados has been afflicted with, is visavis, Shakespearian. Those who have primed themselves to offer lies and misgivings to the masses, bring their gifts well packaged in aqua marine and gold, and have touted the illusion of success. Barbadians in the months to come will be offered the choice of “One poison.” over the next, and the devaluation of the once untouchable Barbadian dollar will plummet into financial obscurity. The tragedy of my beloved Barbados, though epic, was preventable. What is for sure, is that there can be no leadership, without leaders, as much as there is no way to go to heaven, without dying. 1 Corinthians 13:13 speaks of FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY, these are qualities that all Barbadians will need to call upon, as the nation faces very uncertain times. Barbados’ connection to the USA, especially with the current political climate in the USA will prove to even further exacerbate an already bad situation, into a state of absolute fragility. My fellow Barbadians, plan for a rough ride through this time period.


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