Damion Moore

Damion Moore

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DAMION MOORE — Dear Naked.  Now this piece-a-man Damion Moore writing about people on Facebook and got nuff to say about who he went with, but what he should watch is his *** wife.  Damion, do you know that when she goes on lunch break she lets David ********** and men like hard-face John Rollock, Michael Edwards, Peter Atherly and the woman Debra that does ********* out she ************ every other Friday.   Even check out Kevin at the crane on Tuesdays.

If you feel that you could go with people’s girl children and your wife playing she’s a saint cause she parents big in the church, think again.  Ask her about what happens up the east coast in the guess house.

So think again when you gonna try to destroy people’s lives.  Think about your wife.  She is feel she all high and mighty and looks so **** the easiest ******.  Alla we in the office ask she why she was on sick leave a couple of months ago.  When you at work mekking you deliveries we did washing she ********* in ******.

Think on that.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Damion Moore”

  1. Lol lol lol I am so glad this happen to her she always believe she is better that everybody. Cherisa gets on like she owns BWA survey programme and I could not stand her and I was so glad when she left the programme. Nobody in BWA cannot stand the musty looking girl she carry herself like the sewage tanks BWA have. Her husband should ask her the real reason she left the programme, she is so lied and I know her day would always come. Let me see you lie your way out this one. By the way stop talking sherry ann, tracey, tameeka,nikay, nishell and janet name that work with you.


    1. You seem to know so much amd know so little. This what Estwick employ you all to do. Calling people name the girl never work aid. . Look at you trodding up in down in all elements trying to make a $15 and even falsifying the people data. The woman has a job and ia paid every month. When the program done what will you Do? Stupidity ahould be a crime


  2. I glad for her she does play she is all so high and mighty and she nasty and lied is fuck. She believes she own the BWA survey programe and nobody in BWA donot like her she too bossy she does make the girls in that she work with name shite especially she so call cousin sherry ann, tamika, tracy, nichelle that does work with her. I was so glad when she left the survey programme. Her husband should ask her the real reason she left but he will hear more lies. I glad this happen to her let me see she lie her way out this one. BWA sewage tank she too nasty her husband will deal with her now. Lol lol lol lol


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