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Fraud Insurance Companies in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, the insurance companies in Barbados actually have the unmitigated balls to be complaining about having to pay out compensation.  They need to find another profession where they can only collect money but pay out none.   See: Injuries Drain Insurers

Okay….so let’s list ALL the ways insurance companies steal from their policyholders and injured claimants, yet they still want to whine when they have to pay out compensation.

First of all the money they collect is free money, they collect this money after issuing contracts which emphatically states and promises that should the policyholder be injured or killed, should the policyholder cause others to be injured or killed…..THE INSURANCE COMPANY WILL PAY.


The insurance companies in Barbados, even though genuine, proven injuries are presented to them, even though they are liable, they spend years…and your money, trying not to pay you.

The insurance companies compromised the whole judiciary in Barbados to achieve not paying injured people.

The insurance companies, namely CGI Insurance compromised the former chief justice David Simmons, so as not to pay injured people.

The insurance companies compromised hundreds of greedy lawyers too numerous to mention by name, so as not to pay injured people, they take your money and pay bribes to these plaintiff’s lawyers, so as not to pay you any money.

The insurance companies compromised hundreds of doctors and bribed them to write false medical reports and lie on injured claimants, pay the doctors using your money, so as not to pay you your money.

The insurance companies bribe witnesses with your money, who were not at accident scenes or who did not see what happened when someone was injured, to sign false witness statements that is then filed with the court and they prep false witnesses to turn up to a trial and lie before the court and the judge, giving false testimony, committing perjury in the supreme court…so you do not get your money.

I have seen such forged and fraudulent witness statements, was appalled at the gall and frustrated lawyers will tell you that CGI insurance and Peter Harris are most famous for these illegal acts and ALL and those involved should be imprisoned for this vicious crime.

Insurance companies have over the decades robbed Bajans of millions of their hard-earned dollars, their pensions, their life savings. …..the latest insurance fraud company to steal millions from their policyholders, steal all their dreams was CLICO and the thiefing scum Leroy Parris aided by the now deceased as well as the still living.

It’s amazing that bajans would still invest their money with insurance companies knowing the degree of theft involved and practiced by these same insurance companies…car owners are the only people who have no choice but to buy insurance, everyone else should stay away and find other uses for their money to benefit themselves, not to enrich the crooks in the insurance industry.

So when insurance companies come out whining ever so often in the newspapers about having to pay out money, ignore them, that is what they promised, contracted and signed up with you their customers for, they just don’t want to pay you anything, they would do anything illegal to keep the money for themselves and pray you die so they do not have to pay you a cent.

As Peter Harris of CGI Insurance keeps boasting, he can collect the money and promise to pay, but he can refuse, but he can only refuse, if you his customers whom he keeps victimizing, stealing from and refusing to pay, don’t speak out and expose him and expose insurance companies such as his who only want to collect money and don’t pay out any to injured people.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

19 thoughts on “Fraud Insurance Companies in Barbados”

  1. What is your obsession with Peter Harris? CGI has two owners yet you continue to only attack one. Is that you were rejected by him? Dumped by him? What is it? Cause your obsession with him is pretty pathetic.


  2. thanks guys, didnt know all that, its very different in the USA, meaning that you get the full value, and cars are cheap so you dont mind the wright off,, keep away from that insurance thats always here in the mix ,,, not good at all,


  3. Thomas Harris, it is nice watching you fret and fume and helpless to stop the inevitable, it gives meaning to the lives of all the people Peter Harris has victimized in Barbados over the years, arrogantly thinking he was well on his way to the top, only to now find himself at the top of the list of those in little Barbados being exposed, that must not feel good Thomas, but just imagine how Peter’s victims felt all these years when he used the system that was suppose to protect them, to destroy them instead.

    It feels good to see you sweat.


  4. Thomas Harris, Peter Harris is the biggest thief in Barbados so of course he is popular, Al Capone and Bugsy Seigel were also popular.

    Dont you remember Peter Harris tried to form his own political party using one of CGIs former Directors and his old Combermere class mate, tried to cut his bosom buddy and confidante right out of the political line up, can you tell us why Peter did that, I will tell you why, because he is tired of paying bribes to government ministers and politicians, remember, Peter Harris does not like to pay out money, but he had no choice, not if he wanted to continue the money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, crimes in the Supreme Court and all the others criminal activities that have made him so famous in Barbados.

    Peter figured, why continuing paying bribes to those dumb, lazy, slow and greedy government ministers when he could own his own government, remember the chat around the dinner table Thomas.

    Only problem with that scam is, bajans are only programmed to be accepting of 2 political parties, the 2 party system…and Peter’s stooge for an up and coming prime minster, is not dynamic enough, so that trick by Peter Harris to unseat both D and BLP political parties and the present government, fell flat on it’s ass.

    You will learn something about me going forward Thomas Harris, so bring on those libel laws.


    1. Can see that life is mistreating you loser. You are so full opf hate and envy. For what? Against who? Against a man who has done more for Bajans and Barbados than you can do in a 1,00 lifetimes. I’ll continue to pray for you.


  5. As for you Thomas Harris we don’t need your brother to run for political office we have enough criminals there already he also bribes most of them.’s also nice to know you could eat a food today from the proceeds of your brother’s crime syndicate try not to choke


  6. Yes Miss London Bajan to the bone !!!!is correct if the vehicle is written off by the insurance company you have the option of buying it back it’s called Salvage Value. They would usually send an auctioneer and they would tell you what the Salvage Value is and you can decide to buy it or take the money from the insurance company and look for something else. But providing you’re dealing with a company that had best practices you can also be ripped off. Eg the adjustor may tell you the salvage value is $20.000 when in fact it might be $30.000 so if you take the write off they will pay you for what the vehicle was insured for the auctioneer buys it repairs it and sells it and makes a nice little profit the adjustor gets a little kick back and everyone is smiling except you cause you now have a little money and no vehicle have to start all over again….also a write off is when the repairs to the vehicle exceeds more than 40 or 50 % of the value it’s also based on age of the vehicle cause if they want it bad enough to repair and sell they would convince you to take the money


  7. I thimk Peter should run for political office. With his name always featyred on ND (mostly lies), he must be the most talked about person here in Barbados. I’ll continue praying for the lot of you.


  8. “This happens worldwide” a very week and backward argument and a lie, I know cities where this does not happen, it only happens in banana republics worldwide, you frauds and thieves.


    For those who are suffering, being defrauded, being manipulated to extract and extort,
    by means of “CONTRACTS” that are of…

    FALSE and MISLEADING INFORMATION/advertising/statements.
    FALSE and FICTICIOUS CONVEYANCE OF GRAMMER as an illusion written in adverb verb.
    DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS under the color of law.
    CONDUCTING CRIMINAL ACTIVITY HAVING KNOWLEDGE and making no effort to modify or disclose.
    FOR NOT CONVEYING LEGAL DOCUMENTS in the correct Quantum Parse Syntax Grammer.
    JUDGEMENTS made by impersonators. PERJURY (having knowledge of a fact but tells a lie TO TWIST IT).
    MISAPPROPIATION. Failing to carry out ones’ legal duties..monetizing other than that intended.
    MAIL FRAUD by non affixing or photocopying of stamps and issuing supposedly LEGAL documents.
    MISREPRESENTATION. (ANYTHING within within a box cannot be considered).
    UNILATERAL CONTRACTS (Contracts with one signature, not signed by the other party).


  10. It’s like all any of them know is insurance fraud, steal from policyholders, lie to them, defraud claimants, steal from taxpayers, practice corruption, use the judiciary to commit crimes and hide behind lawyers and libel laws, a regular pit of nasty vipers and criminals.

    Then the douche bag Thomas Harris wants to come on social media and threaten people with libel laws, threaten away Thomas, you see for yourself how far it’s getting you so don’t stop threatening.hahaha.


  11. ok BAJAN TO THE BONE, cause a insurance company that always on this site wanted to do that to me, dem wanted to wright off or total my car,,, car was just 6 yrs old, but some person from the car place told me what was gine down cause them didnt had the parts so i when and got the parts and carry them so i could get my car fix, but look ya see when ya is a woman every body does want to f****k ya,, thnks BAJAN


  12. Miss London ! ! ! 2017 Bad John!

    THE! Vehicle is always Yours ! If it’s Written Off! You the Owner have the First Option! Of buying back that Vehicle ! If the Criminal Insurance Company tell’s you Otherwise ! Stop them in their track’s ! Let them no it’s Still Your Vehicle , and they have no authority to Sell it to anyone unless they give you the Owner ! the First Option on buying it back ! The Owner have the First Option , don’t let them trick you ! and Stand Firm on your Position ! the said Agent have they friend’s Line Up to Purchase the said vehicle , its Insurance Fraud !BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! !2016 Bad Man


  13. this is some thing that puzzle for years, when your vehicle get total as we say in the USA or wright off or rite off here in barbados ,, dont the owner of the car here in barbados get the chance to get back the car or van, why some insurance companies saying that you dont have the option of getting it back, and that they already got some one for the vehicle cause a client was asking about one of the same vehicles, can some one clear it up for me, BAJAN TO THE BONE please inform me cause you seem to know plenty you and mr adrian, or any one with a back ground in the insurance field


  14. CORRECT! Writer! The Best Insurance COMPANY ! IN BARBADOS to date is CO_OPERATOR’S GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY ! ! ! I have dealt With this Company for year’s , it’s Very Good in honouring your Claim’s and Pay’s For your Medical Report’s ! No One Else Pay’s for your Medical Report ! Claim’s are Settled in Quick Time ! Hired Car’s would also be granted to it’s Client’s ,SAGICOR GENERAL No 2 .That’s My Finding’s!

    BAJAN to the bone! ! ! ! ! !2016 Bad Man / / /🚩🚩🚩


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