Angela Davis

Meet Angela Davis – Video

THE WORLD/VIDEO (Naked Departure) — ANGELA DAVIS — Whether you believe or don’t believe, her thoughts communicated through her words cannot be ignored.  Living on earth with its prison systems (vis-a-vis slavery) and its neo-colonial genocides (vis-a-vis slavery) is a nightmare!  Naked Departure

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5 thoughts on “Meet Angela Davis – Video”

  1. Is it my imagination, why is it that lighter skin black women always seem to lead the charge in the fight against white oppression?
    Why is it that all the darker skin black women always seem to be on the hunt for a “good rich white man?”


    1. @Old school
      NOVEMBER 21, 2016 AT 7:08 PM

      Are you serious with your comment? What ,pray tell, could Black people do to help her in such a system, at that time, as in this time, when the system stacks the deck against you?


  2. Thank you Naked Departure for this short video…As we can see nothing has changed since this video was made back in the 1970s. It will not change until we rise up and change it.


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