Mia Mottley

Mia Mottley was Deputy PM and AG; No One Check her Credentials?

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — MIA MOTTLEY — Naked, Mia made it all the way to Deputy Prime Minister and Attorney General and none of the politicians, lawyers, government ministers, commissioners of police, DPP Charles Leacock and the DPP before him saw it necessary to arrest her as a fraud for all of those decades?  Where are the checks and balances?  So what does that say about them?

That unsavory character for a government minister Michael Lashley needs to shit or get off the pot and have Mia arrested for impersonating an attorney.  There are laws in place to do so.  Trying to distract the electorate to hide his own thievery of taxpayer’s money and illegal criminal activities will not work this time.  Everyone knows the government ministers took up taxpayer’s money and spent it wildly with Mark Maloney and his dead-end scams to enrich himself and for the ministers’ own personal gain at taxpayer’s expense and the projects are nothing but crap, dead-end projects….   The Truth, Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Mia Mottley was Deputy PM and AG; No One Check her Credentials?”

  1. Mia being a crook liar and scumbag is nothing but Nature for her , She is not alone in the house There are another 29 Ministers in the house , each have their own on going fraud,Another 60 supporting cast out side of the House that are agents of fraud.People keep your eye on the ball, Much more fraud in Barbados lawyers doing nasty moves,, Clerk of the Court and All the AG including the PM and AG of the Day, Their maybe a fire sale on rope when the People find out about the rolled played in the massive Land Fraud in Barbados from the day of Sir David Simmons, Sir COW and Sir Cheltenham,They with the help of Sir Beckles, Sir Henry.Sir Ford . Mia needs to be the NEXT Sir . Sir Mia . Barbados own History is a fraud, the Nation was set up to fail, 50 years of slavery .An Audit Report will make all things clear for the non believers .The cover up is one of a kind. Seek


  2. If she is an attorney, she must produce the proof. If she has lied, then she is the bajan version of “Hillary Clinton.” That would make her unfit to be the Prime Minister of Barbados, and she should be ran out of parliament. The other thing too, is her worthless lifestyle, of biting up women, and beating women, disgusting.


  3. HUH! This have been Barbados biggest Secret! It is a Very Serious Charged against the OPPOSITION LEADER ! All the Court Case’s that Ms.Motley done have to be Overturned ! It’s going to be a Nasty Election and the Troop’s are already on the battle field Laying down their Mines! First Casualty is the Opposition Leader! Precise attack to cut the head Off the Snake ! and the body is History! It’s Just the beginning the Soldier’s is Fully Combat! the Enemy must die ! at all Cost ! What’s troubling here ! The Enemy Look’s Prepared to die , no Counter Attack’s just a Sitting duck ! Gun’s not on Cock ! Not in Combat Mode at all , The troop’s in her battalion need’s to Launch an attack at the Invading Force the Commander appeared Mortally Wounded ! by the Surprise attack Fight or Lose your Lives Soldier’s ! the Enemy need’s to Launch a Preemptive Strike on the invading Force’s , Strike the invader’s before they reached your Land ! BAJAN to the bone! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man!


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