Shanell Caddle

Shanelle Caddle

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I meet this girl Shanelle Caddle yuh does call she dumpling bout 2-3 years back.  This girl feel she real smart.  I would ge she anything and she would sort me out to give versa.  She had a man at that time, a bare p*****y hole from red zone but we still use to do we thing.  Did breed fr me a time back I don’t know wuh story she tell he site.   He end up leaving she fuh some girl she tell me is a w**** and does sell she *****.

I had she from then doing fuh she and she st***ing mother.  You know she tek back up with the man and feel that I dunning so.  I invest in that cause he did treating she like a dog.  He even went way and I did chopping it from the day he lef every night she at my place sleeping and she mother the famous Cathy did covering up.  I msg d man and show he d vibe but d f***er fool he good me and she end up kicks at that.

U ain know she trying to make me feel it ain nen so she love me and give it time.  D man car down so when he at work I dropping she home all types a c***.  Picking she up at lunch to **** bringing she back like nen ain happen I gine ***** she up even if it mean getting to he first cause she did want me do he sen every since when he lef she but I withdraw.  Did gine gun butt d p***y hole.  She can’t even go to d Police cause then he gine know who I is.

Dumpling baby d war on.  You know who I is so u could try covering up ******.  Yuh does gt to ball out wunna women that feel wunna hard is ****.  Pics coming soon jus my computer playing d ass.  If I tell u this gine get dirty believe it girl.  Anonymous

Naked Departure


21 thoughts on “Shanelle Caddle”

  1. I would like a man who would love me yuh but da does go for stupid cents and leave do good women for wholesale man she did it never love u boy if so she would left he she only used u for money man just make sure yuh ain’t catch anything from she n she man hear


  2. Boy you don’t know about 20/20 cricket score 50 runs raise ya bat to d crowd and go In d stands and watch d game like everyone else and watch d game and leave test match to those who want to play lmbao sorry to say buy you was taken for a joy ride I know you will be hurting but dat is life experiences but please avoid DODDS she doesn’t worth your freedom taken away from you trust me


  3. I Sympathise With You Soldier! I no you’re Wounded ! take Out! the bullet’s and let the Wound’s heal ! Spit Out! the blood! and get back On the battle field ! You have. bigger War’s to battle !Soldier. Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! ! Bad Man ! 2016///////


  4. NEW! YORK! NATIVE! 2018 Bad Man!

    You! No ! I’m the real Faking Bad Man ! in Barbados and he have to Listen to his boss ! PULL BACK ! and Leave it alone ! and don’t trouble the Woman Soldier ! either ! Soldier’s don’t Fight For Hole’s ! We fight for Facking Freedom! Children and Women Rights! So Bad Man! this is the boss BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! 2016 ! Bad Man! Commanding you to Laid down your arm’s Soldier! Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016////////


  5. Women like this juggle men to no end. This guy is most likely one of many men she dealing with. Let me give you some advice..when a woman want to dun wid a man she finds some way to do it. The reason she wont dun with the man is because he is staunch money and the resident idiot. You got robbed, the man she has getting robbed robbed and the only winner in this is the woman because she has a p that dont care how much a dog she is- some man is gonna do what it takes to phuk it. That is what i want men to understand- a woman will always get a man but not every man is going to get a woman. My advice to men out there is to cut your losses with these no good women and run..


  6. Get help bro. You are a psycho. And soft at it to. We weren’t in the conversation when you were knee deep, so we don’t need to be in the hype now that you are in your feelings. Go listen to some Drake or The Mighty Gabby and try and grow up, ya punk a**!!! 🙊


  7. Man you is bare boo. Na man who is set of hurting anyone comes out and spell it out in details. Take care the other man don’t out your frigging lights first.
    Cause ,as you claim you get a frequent piece a c*** from this girl, wha mek you feel its an investment?. You might be chopping it, but ya ain’t tek nothing away,like when yah chop canes or ganga.
    Go and invest in another piece, C***! Ya may even get a discount on Bush Hill.


  8. BAJAN TO THE BONE i agree with need to do a thing, you already know what you know just walk away, one go one come, ya life go it not coming back, if she is a trickters then leave she alone, better women out there, you sound like a young guy so you have time, pu aint gine no way, it gine be always there, one day you might be come a service man, and you calling shot, saying head down as up shake that booty,, say my name who ya daddy, so look at this as a end of a chapter just turn the page, p******y not worth getting kill for dont care how wet or creamy it is, always remember p*****y is just a space you put your di***k in,, a space ,, would you kill for a space, leave her be, move on, you aint out very much, just two or three thousand you can replace it,,


  9. Look bro don’t mind them send pic ,I know ya mean ya gun send pic of she cause ya sa ya computer playing de fool exposed she ,she play ya she did never want ya ,and she did never pregnant she did want abortion money,ball she out.


  10. Men we need to leave these gutta w out and stop giving them power. Do like what the white men do.. when they are trh treat them like trh…


  11. LISTEN! To Me Soldier ! Pull back and Leave it alone !that Little int Worth dying for , to End Up! In a bigger hole 6ft deep ! Cut it Out! I no you is a Real Bad Man ! Like Me ! So Listen to the Faking Boss !Pull back ! Bad Man ! Let it run it’s Course ! More Chicken’s in the Pen! Soldier ! Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! Bad Man 2016!


  12. I know this would have happen sooner or later took more than a year. Me and her was close till she decide to deal with a man she knew I was messing round with but that’s life I dropped her don’t need friends like that. To the bitter man walk away you ain’t make no woman people had bigger investments grow up. BOTTOM LINE


    1. Bigger investments like the woman in todays newspaper who the bailiff put out of her 1.7 Million dollar house, with swimming pool, chef’s kitchen and a gym. No that’s an investment, not a bit of bit of shared p****


  13. You sound very damage,you should of invested in some education and educate yourself first from being illiterate. I hope you meet your match in who ever you trying to f up. Ah


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