Freundel Stuart

Barbados and its Repulsive, Abhorrent, etc. Leaders!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Happy Independence Naked.  Can’t say the same to my beloved country folks.  The most corrupt, dumbest, repulsive government is taking us back twenty years in the wilderness. An endless saga of lies, incompetence and thiefing will be the hallmark of this Fumble administration that continues to give all the large contracts to the white elite Jada Innotech Moorjani The Williams and Mark Maloney.

In our fiftieth anniversary these are some of the filth and degradation that we have to deal with everyday:

Sewage in our streets
$400,000 given to footballers
$7 million to celebrate foul ups bleeps and blunders
$5 million to clean up our country and it’s still nasty especially those drainage and MTW workers who weed and clean the drains and leave the debris to grow grass and wash back in next to the roads
$440 and $1000 to see the losers and the cast of the worst politicians at a ball and for we balling and begging and living from pay check to pay check
Reduce the interest rates to 25% so they can offer 55% to unsuspecting bajans who are taking a chance giving them their monies
Giving predictions of a plethora of projects to start and can’t start one and furthermore disenfranchising Bajans by bringing in Vincy and Guyanese tradesmen
Water woes continuing
Garbage pile ups still got the place stink
Preventing unions from protecting their members and hoping to decapitate their heads to dictate control the working class
No sell out here this time PM
The largest debt ever
The most downgrades in history
Junk status
Lowering of our standards on the business index
Your continue disregard for dialogue with the nation
The many trips overseas and no disclosures
The run down of our institutions plants

We the majority hope that all your independence plans fail and the unions strike for the long-term gain of the country from you bunch of misfits abhorrent obnoxious sickening and dumb ass leaders.  Lord help and save us from another year of failures and gross mismanagement.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Barbados and its Repulsive, Abhorrent, etc. Leaders!”

  1. Only in Barbados. If this government was in Africa, Central America or South America,they would been dealt with long ago.
    But don’t fool ya ass, they may be given yet another term come next election.
    All those give aways like foot ball ,and debushing, is the start of election gimmicks. The $1000 dinner by the PM is to raise funds to buy votes next election.The Grotto, Church Village, and Constant housing development ,will become fully occupied ,just before next election. But Bizzy, Cow ,Maloney and Bjerkoff, have had it so good with these teifing old ugly ass bastards, that they will be more than willing to throw in a couple million dollars, a fraction of what they earn from government contracts and renting offices to government, to ensure that especially Michael Lashley, Stephen Lashley, Dennis Lowe and David Estwick get back into parliament again.They will throw their money behind the DLP nigger yard sagah boys. Many Bajans will not give two f**** how Stuart and his mongoose gang have kicked them ,in the last 8 years,from the dry well to the leaking sewage shit pipe, so long as they get a Sir Grantley or two on election day, they will go with Stuart.
    I wonder how many of these hand to mout f******* who will sell their votes on election day, will get an invite to the Prime Minister’s Ball ? In the same way that these sell politicians , will not get an invite to any Bizzy-COW-Bjeroff-Maloney real great house functions.
    These politicians only have uses for the masses, every 5 years, and because we make an X for them, they assume that we are all illiterate.
    F***, no Double F*** every last one of them.


  2. Ya better change that reference to Interest Rate to 0.25 %.and falling .The leaking sewer system in Barbados is the trade mark of this government. A load of S****


  3. THE! Faking Pot HOLE’S Killing BAJANS ! outside the Gap by Worthing’s Police Station ! Some Huge Well’s those Can’t be Hole’s anymore! Bay Street , Hastings , West Coast , Coming through by SANDY LANE GOLF @ COUNTRY CLUB! 2 Massive Hole’s Blowing OUTT Tyre’s and Rim’s ! These are Major Road’s and for Month’s these Can’t get Fix by a Criminal Government! With Road Taxes Up in the Air! But Waisting Money On a So-called INDEPENDENCE! Knowing Full Well ! BARBADOS is not INDEPENDENT! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man /////////////


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