Barry and Barbara Dueck, too WHITE for Dodds

Barry and Barbara Dueck TOO WHITE FOR DODDS; DPP Drops 8 Charges

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — BARRY and BARBARA DUECK — TOO WHITE FOR DODDS — Naked you have been saying for a long time now how corrupt and vicious DPP Charles Leacock is and you have been proven right.  Here is his corruption exposed for the whole world to see.  How much was he paid to drop EIGHT corruption charges against the TOO WHITE FOR DODDS defendants?

Guyanese DPP in Barbados, Charles Leacock
Guyanese DPP in Barbados, Charles Leacock

Are poor, black, Barbadians the only ones the Guyanese-born DPP, Charles Leacock, sends to prison?  Are Barbadians seriously going to let this just fall by the wayside?  Are the Duecks too white for a Barbadian jail?

Just imagine how many black Bajans have been victimized by this wicked, greedy animal Charles Leacock!

Barry and Barbara Dueck, TOO WHITE FOR DODDS
Barry and Barbara Dueck, TOO WHITE FOR DODDS (Photo: NationNews)

We have been saying on here ad nauseam that DPP Charles Leacock is corrupt, he is part of the problems plaguing the justice system and judiciary for years, it was very clear that something was very wrong with the dismissal of 8 charges against those 2….1 or 2 charges may not raise any eyebrows…but 8 charges, without a word of explanation from the DPP…that says quite a lot.

In a real country with a real judiciary and justice system, investigations would already be ongoing against Charles Leacock, his actions and outside activities with the likes of Peter Harris of CGI Insurance Bjorn Bjerkham and other scum of the earth thieves, money launderers, human traffickers, land thieves and child killers in Barbados.   Anonymous

BARBADIANS ARE STUPID?  Tell them anything, but don’t tell them the truth?!!  Is that it?!

THE STORY:  “THE DECISION of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Charles Leacock, QC, to discontinue proceedings against a Canadian couple, BARRY and BARBARA DUECK — TOO WHITE FOR DODDS, who had been charged with stealing millions from their investment clients, as well as money laundering, has led to unprecedented action in the local law courts.

Living in Style and Luxury

Two other Canadians who are now resident in Barbados have accused the DPP of abuse of his constitutional power and want the Supreme Court to review his decision, declare that it was wrong in law and quash it, as well as reinstate the eight charges against Barry and Barbara Dueck — Too white for Dodds.

Attorney Robert Richardson, of Royal Westmoreland in St James, and Jean Delangis, of St Peter’s Bay in St Peter, have retained local attorney Satcha Kissoon to pursue legal action against the DPP. On Thursday Kissoon filed several documents with the Registrar of the Supreme Court to initiate the process.

The historic case stems from the decision of the District “E” magistrate at Holetown to dismiss charges against the TOO WHITE FOR DODDS Duecks on September 30 this year, after the prosecutor said he had been instructed in writing by the DPP’s Office to discontinue proceedings.  (NationNews)

Naked Departure

21 thoughts on “Barry and Barbara Dueck TOO WHITE FOR DODDS; DPP Drops 8 Charges”

  1. Money Money Money,,,,,The Word Is Money ,,,If You Have Plenty Of Money ,,Or If You can find Plenty Of Money ,Then You Can Escape Going To Prison Especially In these THIRD WORLD Poor Countries . The People In Charge Can Be Easily Paid Off and The guilty will go Free ,,IT PAYS TO HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY or Friends or Family With plenty of Money ,,,,,,,,


  2. I know personally a black bajan man that is owed $490,000bds by the Duecks and there is no justice for him and these b!#@*”s eating big and traveling and the black man’s family struggling with no money, no food and no one to look out for them.

    Where is the damn justice this family needs help.




  4. I remembered the big song and dance they did to get this idiot Marston Gibson to come head the judiciary in Barbados. This asshole for a chief justice was supposed to revolutionize the system and the backlog of cases in the system was supposed to be a thing of the past all the accolades and a heap of praise for this man shit he even got a knighthood. Fast forward 8 years later more cases backup than ever before more guns on the streets murders rapists burglers walking bout free with not a care in the world. Look a the big black sour dog just getting fatter and more greasy looking I don’t usually hate people and I have respect for authority but u just hate this man if there’s one person I would love to see just disappear off the earth a complete waste of a man


  5. What these titled fools in the system like Charles Leacock never seem to realize is that during the course io their tenure, they are merely tools to be used by criminal organizations to achive an end result of never being caught commiting a crime and disgarded when their time has expired, they are then easily replaceable while the criminals move on to the next one.

    Fools like Leacock are never loyal to the majority taxpayers who pay them their monthly salaries and since he has a taste for cocktail parties and being seen with local and foreign white to stroke his useless ego, delusions of grandeur and inflate his self-importance, he would turn a blind eye to all he is now being accused with the likes of Peter Harris.

    Leacock is well aware of the weaknesses in the judicial system, he helped create the weaknesses in the judiciary, he is aware of the weaknesses in the attorney general’s office, in the prime minister’s office, in the parliament, the one thing he never counted on was the Canadian couple going after him, so full of his own self-importance and image of being above the law was he, that he got caught unawares..

    Taxpayer’s should not have to pay for Leacock to defend his actions, he created the environment for this lawsuit and should be the one to pay.


  6. Criminal enterprise has a foot hold in Barbados, and as global restrictions are placed on first world criminal and laundering business, Barbados will become attractive to European criminals. The appearance of sin, often times is as good as the sin, and Mr. Leacock and others of his kind, need to take due notice and govern themselves accordingly. Mr. Leacock is like “An old broken chair,” just sitting in the corner, useless, and waiting to be dumped in the trash.


  7. That DPP Charles Leacock socializes with all the white people and they invite him to every party, cocktail reception,Polo the works and he gets his commission as well. Wonder how much he got to discontinue this case. He and the AG and CJ together are totally useless and a serious embarresment to our country.


  8. WHAT! I Find Scarry is our local Radio Station’s refused to bring this Front Page Story in the Nation NeWS Paper as News! today , So Scared to touch ITT!


  9. DPP Charles Leacock eldest sonson Donald does not even like his crooked father who he hates because he has observed how he has beaten and treated his mother Betty June over the years who is currently the General Manager at Barbados Golf Club.

    Donald is also aware of the many horns his despicable father has put on his mother.

    This is well known among the local Golf fraternity. Peter Harris has also funded several trips for this same corrupt DPP to Santo Domingo for golf and kunt.


  10. It’s very ugly that in 2016 this is happening in a justice system, the mistake the police made was not charging the othher couple for wasting the police time, because they could not charge, at least one charge was valid for the couple charged.

    That action by Leacock only opened the door for the couple to institute a lawsuit against Leacock, he is too arrogant and corrupt by far, because he has gotten away fo years with taking advantage of the system to appease his friends, it’s obvious he thought that the aggrieved Canadians would just sit back and let him roll right over them like bajans would and like he is accustomed.

    Hopefully this leads to the beginning of the end of Charles Leacick and his criminal friends and partners..


  11. i so glad that doogla curry stain get put pon blast, just looking at the man does make me sick. I would never forget how he get his ‘countryman’ from facing a murder charge to a lesser charge. When they get and kill that Russian man daughter (set her up with a rope around her neck and tiptoeing on a chair) and then set the house on fire to cover their tracks.


  12. @ Barbados Criminal Network
    NOVEMBER 21, 2016 AT 9:31 AM

    Correct, was wondering about that. Looks too convenient and coincidental for some known corrupt cops to suddenly charge some rich people, then those same cops’ friend the dpp makes the charges go away.

    Wonder how many dollars disappeared or changed ownership in between those two events. A cuppa fresh-roasted extortion, anyone?


  13. To Mr Thomas Harris there was a man in Antigua called Mr Alen Stanford he was the greatest thing ever to happen to Antigua he started a bank an airline pioneered T/20 cricket he even paid the civil servants for almost a year. All of that he did using other people’s money his was called a ponzi scheme. Do you see any similarities between him and your brother? I think your prayers should be directed towards your brother he will need them all sooner or later


  14. Thomas Harris, to get rid of snakes, you have to cut their heads off from their bodies, there are too many snakes fouling up the justice system and judiciary in Barbados, it’s time to figuratively cut off their heads.

    Don’t worry Thomas, when it’s over, you can go out there and find yourself a real job instead of living off the proceeds of your brother’s criminal activities, then there will no longer any reason to call Peter Harris’ name, won’t you be relieved, you will be able to sleep so much better at night.


  15. Tell me why Peter Harris’ name gets dragged in to every cock fight taking place on ND. Naked, all your readers must realise that you have something against Peter. Why? What has he done you? Have you ever met the man? Have you taken your time or made the effort to find out what are the 100s of good deeds he has done for Barbados? May be you should consider renaming your blog, BARE NAKED LIES ON PETER HARRIS. I\ll continue to pray for you sorry bunch.


  16. Check Bouncing And Bribe Taking Pastor Mark White Head Of Barbados Police Fraud Squad Is The Right Hand Man Of Crooked Barbados DPP Charles Leacock.

    Those 8 Charges Would Have Come From The Fraud Squad.

    Birds Of A Feather Stick Together.

    Bajans Pick Sense From Nonsense.





  18. 📞☎ SIR! How Can this be! and Black’s Went Prison this year for $5 Worth Of Weed! @ Stealing $6.37 Worth Of Food! Men in Prison for Child Support ! Jamaican’s brother’s and Sister’s in Prison for Ganja ! and these White Crook’s Can’t SIR! What Message are you Sending to the Barbadian People! and the rest Of the Caribbean brother’s and Sister’s
    PRISON OFFICER’S ! Please Release All Prisoner’s Except Murderer’s and Rapist! this Faking Prison is Black’s Only! BUT! REMEMBER FAMILY! This PRISON IS OWNED BY A CANADIAN COMPANY !The Owner’s Where here Recently !See the Corruption Link Now ! The Entire GOVERNMENT Involved here ! Well! Well! Well ! These Dog’s Would Kill Black’s and Keep Kissing the White Man! I Said Last Week ! Show Me One White Bajan in Prison ! Would you believed not One White Bajan in Prison! Remember the White BULGARIAN’S ATM! CROOK’S Were also FREED! And the White American Lawyer also FREED! Then When POLICE do Wrong the PUBLIC Want they Head’s! and the Top PROSECUTOR! Can Free White’s Just so On Criminal Charge’s . I WANT FAKING! FAKING! 📞☎ 📞☎📞☎ BAJAN the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man //////////////


  19. Here we go Thomas Harris, DPP Charles Leacock was until yesterday the strongest link in Peter Harris’ little criminal organization in the Supreme Court in Barbados, he has overnight become the weakest link publicly.

    This is the link we needed to systematically and methodically dismantle the crime wave that is Peter Harris and CGI Insurance publicly…you can break out your libel laws, no problem.


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