Multimed Pharmacy

Clarence ‘Trump’ Fergusson

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CLARENCE CLEMENT FERGUSSON — Naked, this pharmacist, Fergusson, of Speightstown, St. Peter, is very dishonest and a misogynist.

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Holiday picks for HER – Ad

Naked, I was working at Multimed Pharmacy before Clarence Fergusson take over aka Pharmaco Speightstown.  Naked, that nasty ***** use to beg me for my **** every time I go to work and cause I ain’t let he do as he please to me he get my days cut.  And although he get my days cut he would still beg me and pulling at me.  Naked, the thing that got me is this dog like to exploit poor people.  Naked, that MF break down the Pharmacy, whoring it out by giving away the medication and feeling up old women and young girls, that is why he had to shut it down.  Naked, we use to do good business before he even come bout the place.

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Holiday Picks for HIM – Ad

Maria was the owner before but she trick he good Naked.  He wanted to **** her and I understand from a close source that she tell he buy the business first.  Naked, every woman Clarence sees enter the pharmacy he passing bout he number like a postman dropping off mails.

Now Naked, there is a bulla fella that live outside Multimed Pharmacy but if you see he Naked, this boy is everything like a woman.  He use to come in the pharmacy everyday dress up for Clarence and that dog like he had ****** with that boy although he knew he was a man, so nasty!

One Monday morning I come in for work and bout 11 o’clock I see this bulla come in the Pharmacy talking real hard (WAIT WHERE R***HOLE Clarence Fergusson is).  Naked I ain’t answer cause I don’t like he or the Fergusson dog.  So the freak came out the bathroom and ask the bulla why he’s speaking so loud the boy turn round and curse that man so stink that morning Naked I laugh till I couldn’t laugh no more but honestly I don’t know what transpired between them but I hear the boy saying Fergusson making he believe he could **** and he do***g*** dead and every night you bringing a different woman when you coming to bring stock for the Pharmacy.

Fergusson, stop ********* down de pharmacy, giving away the meds for ******* an *****.  It would be still open if not for that!

Naked, this is #2 Pharmacy that close down with him.  Sugar Hill, St. Joseph is the first and now Multimed Pharmacy Inc.

So if he don’t stop feeling up the p***y Pharmaco Speightstown #3 would be next to get shut down like the rest.  Part 2 coming next a real Trump.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Clarence ‘Trump’ Fergusson”

  1. i dont know about the person that running the pharmacy, but i used to hate going in that pharmacy, only because it next to Dr.Simon is why i used to go in there. All uh wunna in there with the exception of a slim brown/red skinned girl (dont know if she still works there) unmannerly as rasshole. You come in the door and say good morning/afternoon and no frigging response, you asking questions and people behaving like its not their job to answer them. Shelves bare bare bare no sorta new stock. I now go to the pharmacy opposite lumber co. or the one behind where the fishcakes does sell.


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