Thank God for Slavery!! Radio Show

BARBADOS (Naked Departure Radio) — THANK god for slavery, because it has shown us that black people have not and never will change.  Slavery has taught us that black people are meant to be the servants of the earth.  Slavery has taught us that black people would rather believe in a lie, than to seek out the truth.

Thank God for slavery because it has said that the white man will inherit his Earth for which he has fought the good fight!  Naked Departure


15 thoughts on “Thank God for Slavery!! Radio Show”

  1. @Home
    NOVEMBER 22, 2016 AT 10:57 AM

    I’ve been on this earth for quite some time now and, I assure you, I know EXACTLY how the world really works. And because I know, I don’t get all freaked out about some of the stuff most people are bothered by. And thanks I will continue to carry on smartly, as you suggested.


  2. What happened to the comment I submitted yesterday criticizing your radio show about advocating the death of Black people? Are comments, deemed, perhaps, unfavorable, being censored?


    1. Come back and talk about censoring when you have uncensored yourself i.e., give your real name and show your face. And then let me into YOUR space to piss and shit on you….then come back…… I am not a coward, are you? You don’t like what I have to say? You get in all your feelings? Oh well….. I am Sheri Veronica and you know my face. Do you want my telephone number? I am not afraid but I love level playing fields!! What’s your name again?


      1. Sheri Veronica what are you on about? I questioned why a comment I submitted yesterday was not featured and this is how you answer?

        I have no problem giving my name or number. I am not hiding. Woah…slow down.


    2. you think it’s okay for blacks to be slaves. that’s your opinion and position. mine is, if black people didn’t come together, after thousands of years of slavery, it ain’t never going to happen. what makes what you think better than what I think? I also believe that if something is not working, it should be replaced or destroyed. you seem to like dead weight. i marvel at you the same way you marvel at me, but have i ever attacked you? have I? I state my claims, sign my name and too bad who don’t like it!! Sheri Veronica


      1. Sheri Veronica get a grip. I don’t have to agree with you and neither you me…but calling for the death of Black people is a little much, in my humble opinion.

        You talk about Black people not getting it together as if we are the only ones no doing so and it simply is not true. You disagree, no problem.

        And while you are claiming that only Black people don’t get together to fight oppression, please tell me why 99% of people, regardless of race, no matter where they are living on this plane, are not coming together to fight the oppression, theft, murder, fraud, police state etc…meted out by the 1%? Should the 99% be killed off too because they can’t get it together and would rather be slaves to the 1%? It is deeper and more complex than you are aware.

        This blog, according to you, is meant to host all opinions. So…if you censor a post then you are not following your own rule of sorts. Your choice, of course, but then people really are seeing only that which pleases you, or supports your view. Again, your blog. Just let the people who read your blog know that only certain comments will be featured. It’s the least you can do given you are not really open to all ideas, thoughts, comments etc….


      1. Home
        NOVEMBER 22, 2016 AT 10:34 AM

        No, I am not censoring your comment. How did I censor your comment? Really, I am being serious.


  3. All voting is rigged. All those who run the governments, of all countries, are hand picked before you vote. So….voting means nothing. It’s a game. So whether you vote or not…all has been decided long, long, long before any voting occurs. Wake up… The system is a sham and you are calling out people who do not vote…please. We who understand that it is all an illusion will never go out to vote in a rigged system. But…you can carry on and vote to your hears content and bemoan those who don’t vote and nothing will change, ever.


  4. There are black people who are mobilizing. You are just looking in the wrong places. You will not find this mobilization among the current masses but small pockets are awakening. The others are interested in celebrating independence, crop over, idolatry and Christianity. We were not born to be slaves; we were born to rule the earth. I have said repeatedly that the Bible is not a white mans book but the religion of Christianity was used as a tool to deceive the entire world and has nothing at all to do with the Bible. The white man just pulled a couple scripts and added his lies and we believed him. The pastors have been trained at his seminaries and continue the lies. You will notice that when you go to church the pastor never uses the bible completely; he will quote one scripture and then he goes off on his agenda. All the churches, Pastors, Politicians are paid agents and are controlled by the white man so you will never get the truth from them, We refuse to accept the truth so most of us will die in the coming wars. Simple scripture will help us to find out who we are as a people but we do not want to change our life styles; We want to continue being homosexuals, promiscuous sexual deviants, liars, thieves and pedophiles; we love our sins. I will quote some simple scripture but I know it will be ignored as usual. You will never be able to say that you were not told. Maybe some one will have enough sense to get the understanding.

    De:28:68: And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt(SLAVERY) again with SHIPS, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be SOLD unto your ENEMIES for BONDMEN and BONDWOMEN, and no man shall buy you.

    No one else went into slavery by way of ships but us. the Africans got together with the Arabs and sold us out to the Caucasian. Just because they are black does not mean that we are the same people. The educated Africans will tell you that we are not the same and some will actually go as far to admitting that they hate us, and couldn’t wait to sell us out. All of our history comes from the Caucasian. This is why you have the white and black historians in agreement.

    This is who we are. We are the true biblical Israelites and we will continue in this condition if we do not acknowledge our history and repent from our sins as Israelites. Christ, the black Messiah(not Caucasian) did not die for the entire world as the Church tells us; he only died for us black people the Israelites AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO DIE OR BE GOVERNED BY MISCREANTS until we acknowledge our sins and repent by keeping the commandments which we were ordered to do from the beginning but refused. I am only speaking to the black people of the slave trade. God so loved the world is not speaking about the entire GLOBE but you know what, we do not read so therefore we cannot understand.


    1. Talking bare c that’s the same reason why black people are lost because we would do anything to denied our culture…f the bible and everything in it


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