Four W***** in a Row

Anna, Tammy, Tanya and the one in Pink

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, everybody knows about Anna and the rest.  Who ain’t cussing people for men horning them men.  Birds of a feather flock together.  Anna always cussing she child fadda women but the one he got now Anna you can’t touch her.

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The one in the pink did messing around from young and looks older than her age.  Tammy you horn Barry and I surprise wanna so cool.  Tanya aka Sugaplum you and Anna fall out over a man you had that Anna seem to be messing with him now. People close to all of wanna talking about wanna and wanna ain’t know.  Anonoymous

Naked Departure


17 thoughts on “Anna, Tammy, Tanya and the one in Pink”

  1. They all look tacky.the girl in the pink mouth big as c and look like a man and the one next to her to.wanna tlk bout haters.none of them got nothing nuhbody want to hate.if looks is what wanna tlking bout when them old it cant help them.all them run down and does f bout nuff.always half naked .have no what is it ppl hating on .they are known for troubling ppl especially anna and the one in the pink tanya they roll deep.if anna at war with ppl all dem backing her knowing full well anna troubling ppl for her childfather.i saw them at a cruise the one in pink and tanya sitting down n tlking and pointing at people.Anna d same for tameisha stop worry bout ppl and focus on barry carter you nasty tameisha does act poor great and nasty as f you got to remember you and anna is mothers out wanna lil group and d other two are not .all of wanna nasty and like fg nuff .same men wanna smiling with tlking bout wanna names all pun different blocks


  2. This girl anna could eat some puy to don”t forget she use to be up an down wid de girls that like girls she mrother is ah big s fuvk she sister man smh talk ah de ivy puy stink anna the teacher at st giles school mr walch SDA HUMM


  3. For years now she does walk bout cursing men women. She HATES to work and does pick real fares. What d previous writer say is true. She does got d Lil girl look real pop down and does b dress up all over d place. She real theiving to, so watch out store owners. Because of she d Lil boy father get fire from Massy. Lol. Every week poor J had to b giving she money to keep up with Jones. D man lil pay check wasn’t saying nothing and she used to always want. So poor J had to steal d things and sell pun d side to get lil money to satisfy Anna constant hunger (of money). All like now d man could have he job at Massy. Even d fella she had from d Ivy walk bout an tell people how STINK her vagina smell and how he had to give Anna money to go to d doctor to get check. SMH. An u believe she does got talk fuh people?? Would not even help she mother wid d pop down house she live in. D mother trying to repair it to take shame out Anna face. These girls like nuff dressing up and when u see where they live u does can’t believe it and she live right on My Lords Hill rd, a little ways from Brek Neck Hill on d same side. Anna show your girl child some respect and try an dress up d lil girl!! Not only u one like clothes. People does b looking an talking bout u when u in town dress up an d children looking pop down.


  4. Adrianna aka Anna is ah dog i hate d b she put dat lil boy on ah teacher man when she no d man n d fadda ,n does got dat lil girl look old is cunt n she dressing up hott dese so call muddas of tadai ,she use ta call d man woman n cuss she all d time she is ah foop stick , pretty face n bad character dat is d brek neck hill dogg i no bout she good cause we went cane garden school together n she was always wutless


  5. Ladies ladies and I am using this term likely go out have a nice time,nightie like these ,are for the bed room.pinkey what that ?transparent ? Look at the men in the back ground fully clothed.
    What are you going to tell your children.l am all for having a good time,but respect your self ,you dress like your worth ,CHEAP. These pic are never going to go away,lucky for trump’s wife she didn’t left a trail behind .Tomorrow some nice young fellow come along and marry you ,you are the happiest bride and he feel he married a saint not knowing he married this woman that the whole neighborhood know she body And she use to go partying naked . Annulment.
    Men will wine and dine you but at the end of the day he will not want you for a wife .


    1. u tink these looking for a husband? All 4 of these looking for wood, money, a man wid a pretty car and a hot fete. When dem body start to run fat is when they will pick some skunt to marry…none of dem aint looking for no husband.


      1. And u are the type to tell a B she looks good just to get p knowing she aint look like Chite. I aint taking it back.. All four of them look musty.. de two in the middle look scruffy, the one on the left look like a man in drag and de only one of them that look half decent in the one on de right.


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