Guyanese DPP in Barbados, Charles Leacock

Charles Leacock, the Guyanese DPP, Not Loyal to Bajans!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CHARLES LEACOCK, DPP — What these titled fools in the system like Charles Leacock never seem to realize is that during the course of their tenure, they are merely tools to be used by criminal organizations to achieve an end result of never being caught committing a crime and discarded when their time has expired.  They are then easily replaceable while the criminals move on to the next one.  AND TO THINK, YOUR PM MOVED IN PARLIAMENT TO HAVE THE DPP IN THAT POSITION ‘FOR LIFE’!!

Fools like Leacock are never loyal to the majority taxpayers who pay them their monthly salaries and since he has a taste for cocktail parties and being seen with local and foreign white to stroke his useless ego, delusions of grandeur and inflate his self-importance, he would turn a blind eye to all he is now being accused with the likes of Peter Harris.

Leacock is well aware of the weaknesses in the judicial system, he helped create the weaknesses in the judiciary, he is aware of the weaknesses in the attorney general’s office, in the prime minister’s office, in the parliament, the one thing he never counted on was the Canadian couple going after him, so full of his own self-importance and image of being above the law was he, that he got caught unawares..

Taxpayer’s should not have to pay for Leacock to defend his actions, he created the environment for this lawsuit and should be the one to pay.

BARBADIANS, when will you wake up and stop paying these officials to either do nothing or to only jail black people?  Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Charles Leacock, the Guyanese DPP, Not Loyal to Bajans!!”

  1. Thomas Harris, I guess Peter Harris lost his main supporter who covers up all his crimes, keep his criminal network protected and keeps him out of prison, the one DPP Charles Leacock, don’t worry, we also know the ministers who enable Peter’s criminal enterprises, they will also get their day where they are very publicly exposed, just like Leacock.

    How are you doing these days Thomas, you know I care about your mental health.

    How is Pat Cheltenham doing.


  2. Barbados too corrupt and is laughing stock. He needed exposed and locking up a long time ago.

    Imagine the two Singh boys from Strathclyde, St Michael got caught red handed some years ago with several hundred pounds of weed imported from Guyana worth over a million $$$

    Their father a well known Journalist Ricky Singh and a Guyanese like DPP Charles Leacock pulled connections.

    The DPP Charles Leacock walked into a Magistrate Court and halted the prelimary criminal proceedings stunning the Prosecutor and all charges were dropped.

    Fingers greased?


  3. This is the beginning of the End! for the (DPP) Little do he know !
    the White Man! don’t Play those black game’s We Play’s With they Money’s ! the (DPP) have Just Cross a dangerous road , with Lot’s Of traffic , and ended up being Struck by an Eighteen Wheeler Big Rig! He’s going to need Emergency Surgery too Survived ! Remembered the Former Commissioner Of POLICE! Mr. Darwin Dottin ! When he Cross the Said road With those Two British White Women, that Got Rape ! in Barbados , and Mr.Dottin and his Boy’s Lock Up! the Wrong Negro for the Rape ! 18 Long Month’s On Remand , the Women returned to Barbados and Paid Attorney at Law Mr. Andrew Pilgrim to fight the CORRUPT! COURT SYSTEM! to Free the innocent Man! all this time Mr.Dottin telling the White Women that the Man he have in Custody is the Man that Rape them ! And the British Women Said to him We don’t Even no this Man ! that Man that Rape us is bigger than him! the Commissioner Said but I have the (DNA) it’s the Man ! the Women replied !! But We don’t no him ! He’s not the Man ! He is far bigger than him ! The Commissioner Wouldn’t back down! the Women Went back to the Mother County England, and Complained to the LAW Lord’s ! the rest is History ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man!


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