Colin Williams, Jehovah's Witness

Colin Williams of Duncan, St. Philip

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — COLIN WILLIAMS — Naked, Colin Williams, a so-called Jehovah’s witness or should I say Jehovah’s wickedness, of Duncan St. Philip, who works at Goddard Catering Group, is one stinking, nasty, lying, dog, and when karma catches up with him, I hope his Jehovah God help him.

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See the thing about this stinking small **** ***** he only tall and well dressed, but don’t let that fool you, underneath it all he **** small and he’s not a nice person, he’s a demon.  A lot of them here on this tiny island I tell you!  He bout the place going to meetings and witnessing to people and f****** the w***** (paying for ***) at the same time, he had this w**** issue even when he was married and his wife (at the time) took him to the Elders in the church for him to repent and confess, which he did, but till this day he still dealing with the w*****, all even when he was dealing with this girl he had recently.

This girl was a nice, sweet girl.  She treated him with respect, was there for him no matter what and treated him better than the wife ever did.  Out the clear blue he turn around and switch up on this girl.  He got and scandal the girl’s name with bare lies at lunch with his workmates and then does be bout round the girl having *** with she even though the Elders told him not to and even though he talk she name.

She likes the dirt he walk pon and I really don’t know why, I guess that’s when yah foolish though.  He broke she heart and made her sick.  It was so bad she shut her business and went overseas for a few months.  But now the lil c***k dog got a new target Naked.

My advice to she is see he and run hard as shite, cause he gine just use you and see what he can get out of you, like he did the last girl, don’t even bother bout seeing what he working with, cause it ain’t nothing, the others had to call in for back up sweet girl.

Left he and let he continue paying the w***** for ***.

If wanna see he bout round wanna house playing he witnessing, throw some good hot piss on he, TWO-FACE, NASTY DEMON he is.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Colin Williams of Duncan, St. Philip”

  1. The hypocrites oh my goshhhhh I m glad I m single… But one question how men does get money etc from women??? Wunna buying a man? So take what wunna get then ..not my money for shite


  2. I’m concussed… Tell me what this situation have to do with the person who posted this? Is this man a criminal or defraud somebody? It’s a shame the woman who got hurt couldn’t even be bothered. It seems that the person who posted this crap is bitter they never had this “clean-cut” guy for themself!


  3. People that do underhanded things get what coming to them eventually. Colin gine get these shots i got fuh he rh just f now . Wait till i catch yuh ass lagging


  4. I’m here confused … Trying to figure out if this guy committed a crime or defraud somebody. If the woman ain’t seemed too bothered about him I don’t see what this person’s issues is. Whoever posted this probably want the guy for themself.


  5. Wow you’re so sweet and so good a man wid a s doggy diss you? Lolololol poor thing your heart still hurting just give it up ok the man don’t want you lick ya wounds and keep it moving


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