Faiyaz Narinedatt MURDERED

Faiyaz Narinedatt, Five Arrested

GUYANA (Naked Departure) — FAIYAZ NARINEDATT — THE Guyanese authorities have arrested and charged five men for the murder of Berbice carpenter Faiyaz Narinedatt, who was beaten to death and dumped on a roadway, allegedly after rejecting the sexual advances of a wealthy overseas-based Guyanese.  The mother of the businessman and the sister of a suspect were also taken into custody.

The suspects include two youths aged 17 and 18, and known as ‘Bruck Hand’ and ‘Cheese Mouth.’  The ages of the others range from 20 to 49.  Two of the detained men have reportedly already admitted to helping to kill Narinedatt at the behest of a US-based man, who has reportedly returned overseas.  Police also have a statement from a witness who revealed how the men killed Narinedatt and drove a car over his corpse to make it appear that he was a hit-and-run victim.

It is alleged that on the day of the murder, the overseas-based Guyanese had a party at his home, which Narinedatt and a few others attended.  At some point, Narinedatt went to the back of the yard to urinate. The overseas-based Guyanese allegedly came up behind the carpenter and started “feeling him up.”  Narinedatt slapped and ‘chucked’ the man who had accosted him.  The rejected overseas-based Guyanese allegedly then told his friends to kill Narinedatt. He also told the men that he would ensure that they weren’t caught.  (Source: Kaieteur News)

Naked Departure

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