Frustrated Visitor of Barbados


BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Hi Naked.  I love your blog.  You talk about politics, freedom of speech and mostly what is going on in Barbados. We as foreigners can see what’s going on in a place where we come to visit and spend our money.

I started reading your blog when a friend of mine in Barbados posted it on my Facebook page and it’s been very entertaining.  Then today I saw on my Facebook page a minister of Barbados live on Facebook half naked talking about drinking the tap water.  Is this what Ministers do now?  What has Barbados come to?

Another issue today is the 19-year-old Canadian who was held with trafficking weed and the Bajans want him hanged, locked away, deported…, if you saw the comments for this 19-year-old but you had an article of three bajans that did the same thing as this young boy, who are much older than him, one lady Melinda Bowen is 40 years of age that should know better bringing destruction to their own island but they want to comment when it’s outside people but their own people get a pass.

Thank you Naked for a place to vent.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

25 thoughts on “Frustrated Visitor of Barbados”

  1. Respect whom, an idiot like you coming on a blog trying to make bajans feel guilty for voicing their opinions about a 19 year old Canadian drug trafficker breaking the island’s drug laws and being punished for his crime, because they believe the punishment should be much harsher,, as though the people commenting are the ones to blame for him selling drugs and should not voice their opinions, gone are the days when people like him or you enjoyed that travesty against Caribbean people.. you will get no support for your idiocy here.

    Why should anyone entertain your scheme and support what you are trying to do, it’s wicked and transparent, no support here, you cannot plant any seeds.

    They are right, the punishment should be harsher, he is not special and drug trafficking in another country should not be given special treatment or ignored by the citizens and you have the nerve to be popping crap calling the names of the local people who are arrested for drugs, when Canada has it’s own way of handling it’s own citizens who deal or use drugs, much different to how foreign drug traffickers are handled and no foreign people can interfere. You are not only an idiot, but a liar and hypocrite.

    Freedom of speech and expressing one’s opinion does not mean blaming the aggrieved people and trying to stealthily demonize the island’s laws, so there was no contradiction, you are just trying out your amateur psychological racist crap on those you believe cannot recognize it, but you failed, no sympathy or change in comments for him or you, live with it, it’s here to stay,.

    How many Caribbean people locked up in Canadian jails or immigration do you express the same sentiments on Canadian blogs about, I bet not one, have you ever advocated for any of the ones importing drugs into Canada to be released immediately and returned to their families in the Caribbean.. tell us how many.

    You are being disrespectful to the people of Barbados and needed putting in your place, try matching wits with me and you will be crushed mentally.

    Your plan to divide the people with your evil rhetoric failed miserably and I hope the 19 year old drug trafficker paid his fine, if he got one and left the people’s island to resume his drug trafficking in Canada.

    Go take some prozac and calm down, you cannot divide anyone to conquer on this subject..and tell Canadians that drug trafficking is illegal in the Caribbean just as it is in Canada, take out a full page ad in the dailies, create a website and warn them, but dont come on here with your stupid rhetoric trying to garner support or to start a movement of the people, pitting bajans against each other for a Canadian drug trafficker.


  2. Who said he was half naked ?i think he was whole naked ,These ministers have no class ,he know face book is public . WERE IS YOUR ETIQUETTE MINISTER?


  3. If he is a white Canadian , the Barbados law in on his side. Only way he will see the inside of a prison, is if he attends an open day at the old Glendairy.


  4. Laws apply to everyone and people can share their opinions and say he should be hung, in Singapore he would have been whipped or faced life in prison, in the hardline, extremist muslim countries he would have been executed and called all kinds of infidel and great satan, so deal with what bajans said in their country, no one tries to tell Canadians what to say when they are commenting on issues that negatively affects Canada, so try not to tell Caribbean people how they should react to a 19 year old Canadian drug trafficker breaking their laws, have some respect..


    1. Lol you are contradicting yourself you say people can share they opinions but people write in to naked with their opinions and thoughts and you call them idiots , and it’s not carribean news it’s world news you only think it made Barbados paper ? Have respect to who? not to you that call everyone idiots because they have a opinion just like you have yours. Where is your respect ?


    2. you know i would love to see the day Bajans or any other nationality stop getting locked up for a plant that grows out the soil and just dry out
      thats all it is wow this is unbelievable and bullers and lesbos are no problem wow i am glad i have no children


  5. lol thanks for updating it with they minister half naked to show them what I saw .Now tell me who is the idiots when half of them can’t get water and they minister drinking his healthy water.
    Naked you should give him his own front page let bajans see what the world saw I don’t think half of them know about it. I love your blog . freedom of speech!!!!!!!


  6. They are idiots and maybe you think I live in the Caribbean and dont know what goes on in the US and Canada, but at 19 that dude can be charged as an adult and do hard time as an adult in both Canada and the US, he is well eligible for the 3 strikes rule as well as life in prison in the US fir any felony, so dont expose your fraudulent ass thinking everyone you may believe is from the Caribbean is backward and dont know what time it is.

    In Canada his 19 year old ass would be locked up, if he was given a fine in Barbados, he got off and should be deported and no one sent and called you or him anyway it asked you to spend anything, you are the ones find your pretensive tails in the Caribbean to role play your idiocy, if you do not go to the Caribbean, others will..

    He is a drug trafficker and deserved exactly what he got, so suck it up.


    1. So what’s your point again ??? You want to talk about laws now i am talking about his AGE I hope you don’t have family members or friends that at 19 years old throw away their life on fast money. That’s what society life is like no sympathy for no one ? It’s so sad when people just think about their own lives and forget that the 19 year old has family too . Did anywhere in my statements did I say he was right ? I don’t have to suck it up as you say my kids are grown men and women wishing bad on people is not a nice thing if it makes you feel better about yourself then good for you . I go to Barbados, and other carribean islands. I know no one in Barbados and I go there every year so I don’t know what pretense you are referring too. So give yourself a standing ovation for calling people idiots I wonder what they think about you .


  7. Bajans and other Caribbean people get locked up and jailed and deported for anything, anything in Canada and the US, so I would ignore the idiots from those countres who believe they are special and should be alowed free rein to commit crimes in the Caribbean because they spend a couple tourist dollars, what was he doing in Barbados with drugs at 19 years old, who told him it was legal on the island.


    1. So what’s your point ? Bajans get locked up abroad and tourist get locked up in Barbados they are laws . No one never said anything about he being locked up it’s about the comments that were said I see you didn’t read it properly and as for calling people idiots because you don’t like they point of view you can say what you want but other people are idiots ? It’s your government that promote the tourist and say we spend money cause I don’t spend anything but hotel and food and when you say couple it’s thousands of dollars hotels and plane flights and your delicious food is not cheap. At 19 he is underage so when we tourist write in ,at 21 he is of age as we know Barbados law it’s 16 so you need to understand other countries sides before you rush to call them idiots .


  8. So wait because he is 19 and a Canadian, are you saying that he should not be locked up and deported ?. Have you lost your damn mind ? , let me tell you this , when Barbadians are caught in other countries or Islands trafficking drugs they are locked up to serve their sentences and then deported. You lucky as fak I ain’t the judge cause I would lost way he skunt in jail, as for you talking shyte about we does want a pass when it’s one ah we . You just talking pure pup, plenty bajans in Dodds for just a spliff, now as for you asking what has Barbados come to ? Why you still going there to visit and spend money ? Ain’t no one called you to visit and spend money.


    1. If you had read it I said that the comments of the 19 year old was disgraceful I never said what he did was right . When I read Barbados papers and see 19 year old going to prison they now started they lives. Yes what has it come to when the minister on Facebook half naked and then got to apologize for his live feed and I don’t only go to Barbados I also go to the other islands so it’s my money I work hard for to sit home and travel and visit Barbados and other islands.


      1. I read what you wrote , and it never said the comments of the 19 year old was disgraceful . What you stated was that Bajans want him hanged, locked up and deported. Which they are correct in saying , he went into their Island and commit a crime. You said he is 19 and now started his life , what away to start his life . As a mother of a 40 year old and a 35 year old, if they break the law they will have to pay the price. I really don’t care if you go to Barbados or where ever else you go, like you says its your you money you work for. I know that if I had to ask if this is what a Country or an Island has come to, I would not be caught dead visiting it.


  9. They protesting but some doing the same the corrupt government doing, pointing fingers at the government and not the bajan people . The same people next door to you in your streets that killing they own people , your families with the illegal drugs and the illegal guns. They only talk about government talk about your own people destroying the island too. Don’t Blame the government for all your problems as a society you all should take some blame too everything is always hidden can’t talk about rape, abuse, disability if it wasn’t for naked or the other website on Facebook I won’t name, most people won’t know what going on in Barbados


  10. WE! The PEOPLE need’s to bring Criminal Charge’s against the CORRUPT! GOVERNMENT ! For Misappropriation Of the Tax Payer’s Of Barbados Money’s !


  11. That is what they are protesting, some people are locked up most noticeably poor, black people and some are not, most noticeably business people, politicians, government ministers, minorities and visitors who tend to not have to pay for their criminal activities on the island.

    There is no sense of balance in dispensing justice or fairness on the island, the judiciary has been corrupted, the DPP is corrupt, the ministers are corrupt, some owners of the insurance companies are involved in money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, bribing government and public officials, using the supreme court to commit crimes, all without consequences, all protected by those taxpayer paid officials who have forgotten that they are being paid by the taxpayers to protect the people, not to protect the criminals who bribe them and whose names they are all now being linked with in criminal activities. .against the people and country..

    I think the taxpayers have more than enough just cause and reasons to not only be pissed off, but to call for the heads of those who leave other countries and slither into Barbados to commit crimes..crkmes with which they would be arrested and imprisoned kn their own countries.

    Drugs are illegal in Barbados as well as Canada, you need an exemption in Canada for medical marijuana..cocaine is still illegal, both are still totally illegal in Barbados, two different countries. Remind Canadians.


    1. I thtink the author makes a valid point. She’s not saying the young man was right, she is saying that the press make a big deal when someone from another country imports / exports drugs but does not do the same when its a Bajan. A post on this site last week, I think, illustrated that point by highlighting that a Bajan woman had been apprehended at the airport with drugs and this was only reported in the Caribbean Loop website. A further post earlier today spoke about the Bajans being indoctrinated – the best underground water – where is it now? The best education – really? Premier hospital in the Caribbean – for real? The economy is growing – ahh? Least corrupt, WTF? And the list goes on…. One of the benefits of this Naked website, is it exposes the lies, propoganda and naked indoctrination Bajan’s have been fed by their slave masters (black and white) for years. The author speaks the truth, don’t shoot him or her because she’s not Bajan.


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