Kanye West is not feeling well

Kanye West has a problem…..

HOLLYWOOD (Naked Departure)  — Kanye West is said to be under observation at a Los Angeles area hospital late Monday after strange behavior and after the remaining dates of his national tour were abruptly canceled, multiple authorities familiar with the case told NBC News.

Some people can have everything, or seemingly so, but they can be totally broken on the inside.

Stress is a strange and deadly bed partner.  Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “Kanye West has a problem…..”

  1. Broke? This man produced too many hits to be broke and that is where the money is..writing and producing. He will never be broke with that catalog he has…dont talk chite..


  2. His problem is simple. 1.He wants to be a revolutionary rapper like Tupac but cant get there. 2.He wants to be on the corporate level like Jay Z and cant get there. His problem is that he hasn’t found where he fits in and its killing him.


  3. Men of his nature often come apart at the seams like a ragdoll, he has many struggles with his identity! Another example… his mother never regained consciousness after an attempt at plastic surgery. A Self hating group of people!


  4. WATCHER! All these Negros that Just arrived make’s the same mistake! Tiger Woods ! OJ Simpson ! Now Usain Bolt ! and all the Other’s ! Now he is broke , he would find a black Lady ! and She would accept the dog , base on his name . White Women don’t Love Black Men ! they Love What black Men! have , Hummmmmmm! BAJAN to the bone! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man!


  5. He is unstable cause he broke. He shoulda given Kim Cumdashian a Bill Cosby cocktail and the three FFF. HE FOUND. FU** AND FORGOT HER.


  6. Broken my ass, You mean he’s A BROKE NIGGA!! he feels entitled. Damn idiot he makes a few millions dollars, marries a gold-digging whore/porn star that is as wutless as the day is long breeds her, blows his money supporting her lifestyle goes to rich jewish boy Mark Zuckerberg owner of facebook begging for money to pay his debts. Kim Foopdashiian will move on to the next black idiot stupid enough not to hit and run. Do us all a favour COON-YEAH, buy a gun and end your miserable existence, cause you have done nothing to enhance your life or your fellow black race. All you have done is sweat your ass off on top of a wide-open, bottomless, white crotch hole. Straight talk!!


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