Woman and man stuck in bed

Married Woman Caught in Bed…..

AFRICA (Naked Departure) — THIS VIDEO seems to suggest that a married woman who was having an affair was caught (tangled in the bed and unable to free herself) by way of witchcraft.  The husband suspected his wife and set the trap.

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No matter how they struggled, they could not set themselves free.  The witch doctor first had to be paid and the husband was not about to do that!  Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Married Woman Caught in Bed…..”

  1. We need a witch doctor bout here ,I thinking now that will be a good business venture it will generate some revenue.may be one de ministers on one of they many travel could pick up the art


  2. that witch doctor would make a lot of money in Barbados. Especially since there is a lot of SALT going on here. I.e. SEX AT LUNCH TIME. The married whores eating and wiping their mouths clean a a whistle.The local slaughter pads in Brandon’s, Brighton, Pickwick Gap, Belleville, Edgecumbe, Thornbury Hill Stanmore Crescent, not to mention the Drill Hall baech, Batt’s Rock beach and numerous other places they go to get fixed up are all crowded between 11 am and 2 pm every week day. One fella I know boldly said “My wife never horn me yet, she always home she don’t go nowhere but work and I pick she up every evening”. Little does he know she is a regular at CrystalCrest on Pine Road Belleville and a twenty-something stud drilling she 3 days a week.


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