The Problem with Barbados (Buhbaydus/Bullbadus)

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE PROBLEM with BARBADOS/Buhbaydus — Listen!  Naked, Donald Trump’s strategy to winning was to tell America that the news media was against him . . . . and therefore, redneck, uneducated, illiterate white America believed him.  So in relation to Trump’s strategy, if you keep on shoving down the throats of black Bajans (because you can’t fool white Bajans) that :

(1)  Crop over is going to be bigger and better next year

(2)  More tourists visit Barbados than any other country in the world

(3)  B’dos has the world’s best entertainer

(4)  B’dos is the world’s best country

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Then of course you’ve got them by the balls because they are going to forget about the Island’s woes and misery and they’ll go on believing that there isn’t anything wrong with the “little 2 x 4 piece of rock”. . . . . named buhbaydus.

Telling Bajans that Barbados has some very serious issues is like trying to tell/convince a madman that he is mad so therefore he should go to “Jinkins” to get medical attention.

But of course Bajans are the first to tell you about problems in Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica and other parts.  Bajans are nothing more than a stupid bunch of hypocrites!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “The Problem with Barbados (Buhbaydus/Bullbadus)”

  1. Some of them are aware of the problems but they do or say nothing afraid of being cuss out by their neighbors and the online bullies it’s a beautiful island just need more attention and awareness.


    1. hate to see pots calling the kettle black that time all two hotting pun the same fire. Time for some maths 166sq miles bout 300000 people given the name bullbaydos haha.picture bigger countries wid way more landmass n people i cry shame pun the blogger do the maths


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