Confession-Coming out of the Silence - Alicia Bailey

Alicia Bailey and her Rape Story from FOUR years old in Barbados!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ALICIA BAILEY — A Rape victim speaks!!  As she should!  She has shown her face and stated her name and is saying exactly what has happened to her.  Abuse silences you, it shuts you down…she understands what all people who’ve been abused feel and have felt.

“No one told her it wasn’t okay to suck her father’s penis!”

Her father (figure) was her abuser!   Her family was her abuser!  The country of her birth let her down!

All manner of rape is DEADLY and WRONG.  The rape culture in Barbados must END!!  Naked Departure

15 thoughts on “Alicia Bailey and her Rape Story from FOUR years old in Barbados!”

  1. I am so hurt that society doesn’t help those who suffer and they wait to matters gets worst. As a modern society we speak of rights but yet we let slavery repeat itself. Criminals should be made to suffer pain and be place into someone else shoes. It’s time to stop the suffering and support our fellow sisterhood and brotherhood. Together we can make a difference.


  2. This has got me ANGRY HURT AND SAD find the courage to name those Mother Fuckers how could a man sex his own child I have never been abuse sexually but I know what the fuck it is to be MENTALLY FUCKING ABUSE I took a stand against that rassolery forsake a lot of15family members has a sister I don’t speak to for over 15 years FUCK FAMILY THEY ARE THE WORST KIND most of the time


  3. POWERFUL! PROFOUND! POIGNANT! Alicia Bailey your testimony has moved me. This is REAL LIFE folks and this nonsense she talks about is happening every day. I have children and believe that all children (not KIDS which are young goats), have the RIGHT and are ENTITLED to enjoy their childhood FREE of ABUSE, STRESS, MOLESTATION and HARDSHIP. i will declare here and now that any person man or woman who abuses any child of mine will have an intimate conversation with my colleagues S&W….No mercy


  4. My heart aches at what you went through Alicia. Be strong and trust in God always.

    Unfortunately, too many children in Barbados are being abuse and yet we keep silent on this subject. We have to take action – Alicia, you have to start by shaming the wuthless bastards that did this to you- only then you will be truly free.


    1. Alistair you are saying things about a person you don’t even know if I am a man or woman ,what have I said to disturb you said skin you ment scum of the earth. Alistair i beleave you are Alicia brother your name give it away .you have nothing to be ashamed about you need counseling visit the Randall philphs clinic and speak to MOH there tell her what MR lord and family have done to you its in the open now and you need this help her name is Dr Philph she is very sympathetic and you will be taken care of . I love you and every thing will be alright


  5. Alicia i am so sorry I wish I could of helped how can I help now .i am proudly you, you have done what so many can’t speak about ,you have break the have inspired many to speak out.I have said the same thing before abuse makes the victim ashame and unable to speak about it . Alicia I beleave you and want you to know I love you and you are very special.


  6. I respect your candor. I too was a victim of sexual abusw by family members. It is only through what you are sharing that I see the similarities. Your testimony gave me a new perspective. Be strong. You are an overcomer


  7. I am so sorry to hear about what you went and are going thru, I met you when you were about 13 yrs old and had you sing a song at my cousins husband funeral, “Eye on the Sparrow” you have such a beautiful voice, if you or anyone reading this message, please contact me, I will try to help u in any way I can, you brought tears tobmy eyes and guilt in my heart. J


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