Attempted rape joker

Attempted Rape: This woman is a real joke and a coward!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ATTEMPTED RAPE — A woman in Barbados who hid her face and did not give her rhole name to the media is talking about getting serious?  YOU are a coward, you’re not serious!  You are advocating for openness and hiding?  You just now barely get a scare and the whole world should listen to your cowardly a**?  Typical fu*king Bajan.  Getting almost raped was not important before it almost happened to you?

THE blank face no name coward made a plea to the authorities not to allow rapists to get off scotch free.  She’s only kidding though — everyone knows it’s the culture!

She was the victim of an attempted rape.  Get over it or really do something!  It’s the culture and you are a grown woman! She surmised, based on her own horrifying experience, that Barbadian society on the whole was way too soft on perpetrators of rape.  Oh, you surmised?  Are you not part of that ‘society’ you described?  You’ve never ‘surmised’ about the rape culture you live in before?  Where have you been?  Away?  Living in a foreign country?  Don’t you read about the little children being raped in their homes and by their school teachers?  Where are you living no face no name woman?

“They [authorities] should have a list of every man that ever raped a woman, every attempted rapist, every child molester, every man that touch a minor under the age of 16.  They should have a list, their name, their picture out there.  Every time they do it.  Once they are charged and the story is right, put them out there, let us know who they are,” she appealed.

You are an IDIOT!  You make me shame!  Until the authorities come around to doing something, you need to show your face and state your name when you speak out about a matter of such great public importance!!!!  Being a coward when women and children are being continuously devastated in Barbados just won’t do.  Go back where you came from and sit your ass down and be glad you weren’t ripped from front to back like the little girls who are raped daily and who end up in GIS!!  You joker!!!

Why even go to the newspaper?  They can’t help you.  Rapists there too!  You almost got raped and this is all you can do to help children who suffer every f*cking day????????????   Another useless Bajan!!!  Naked Departure

Sunlight is the best disinfectant!

14 thoughts on “Attempted Rape: This woman is a real joke and a coward!”

  1. now you know miss london cant let this past, i have 2 girls children, can you imagine them getting rape, oh i can, the writer is talking bout not showing her face and she is a coward and didnt give her name, writer are you a dumb c*****t, if a nane or show her face had happen them you know the heat, i also think media show have not get close up to her since she will be known, base on festures


    1. She more than a dum c when she’s the one minding people business and hiding behind a website crying down Bajan’s but I dear you step one foot bout hey, cause you gonna get more than rip from front to back ya walking dead


  2. This woman is a downright LIAR !! she CONCOCTED the story BECAUSE she met this man on social media ,invited him to her house BUT because he didn’t live up to her expectations she REFUSED his advances and because her neighbors and other people saw him going into her home,she cried attempted rape.
    How did he get into the house ? how did he get the opportunity to knock on her bedroom door the second time ? why didn’t she holler for rape ?


  3. In a society like Barbados , not just small in size, but moreso in mind. victims of rape are subjected to that ordeal three times. Once by the cowardly rapist, next by the courts and then by the people for the rest of her life.
    We appear to be adopting the muslin style, where a few days ago ,there was a report of a woman in a middle east country, who reported a case of gang rape to the police, and found her self arrested and charged for having illicit sex.


  4. The beast who attemoted to rape her has been arrested and chargedm it is sub judice, it’s an ongoing matter, she cannot prejudice the case and rape victims are not supposed to have their identities exposed during that time, after the case is finished is more appropriate, if she wants.

    It’s the animal who did this to her should be fodder for social media.


  5. Some of them hide because of shame they is a video circulating on fb that shows this girl talking about being abused and raped and some people show sympathy and some are just plain mean to her that’s the stigma in Barbados about being raped but watching the girl that didn’t go to the papers that does live videos on Facebook that telling her story saying her family want her to shut up it brings tears to your eyes you can feel her pain.


  6. WHY! Why! Should the Goodly Lady Show her beautiful Face ! Why don’t the attempted Rapist! Show’s his Let me Blow it to Fauck OFF! With My
    Big 45 Gun ! Why Should the Victim/Victim’s be treated as the Criminal or the Perpetrator ! Don’t Show Your Face I Said ! Let the Rapist! Show’s his ! Let Me get a Head Shott! at the bit#h! Go after him the Said Way you’re going after the Victim! When the Victim Show’s her Face! She becomes a Further target for the Perpetrator / Perpetrator’s and the Public! the Rapist are the One’s to be displayed in the Photo Gallery ! Never the Victim/ Victim’s ! this isn’t INDIA! When the Woman gets Rape ! by the Man! Dog’s the Women are the One’s Punished! Sick! Sick! Sick ! No! Place in the WORLD! IS Safe Enough for any Nasty Man! that Rape or Attempt too Rape this Bad Man Daughter ! No PRISON Can Sheltered him from Me ,No POLICE FORCE Can Provide Enough Protection For Him ! No COURT OF LAW ! Have Enough Security to Protect the Dog /Dog’s from being Murdered! By this Bad Man! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! 2016///////


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