Pedophiles terrorize Barbadian children

Dysfunction in St. Philip Home

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, there is a brother and sister duo in the public school system who are creating  havoc!  Naked, I’m not sure because I did not see it, but I even heard that they’ve made your blog before.

Naked, the two are sex possessed.  Not only have they committed incest on each other, and with no end in sight, but they are trying to recruit other children in their classes.  Naked, they are bold.  The little girl goes to the bathroom and waits and if we don’t go to get her, she waits there for other little girls to come to the bathroom so she can bother them.  We have to keep an eye on her and that is challenging because she is so determined.

Naked, I hear from the other teachers that the little boy is already bulling.  They say he is being featured online begging for money and with his mouth all pushed out looking like a bu**hole.  He’s already told a teacher that his grandmother used to beat him if he played with dolls or acted like a bull**.

Naked, these children get picked up, sometimes by different people, in a SUV.  They live up here in St. Philip.  Naked, we are made to understand that the little boy was exposed to incest as a baby.  We were saying that if there are non family or even family members around these two, that it would be easy to abuse them because they are so ripe.

Another family member living in the St. Philip house hides his girl child from those two.  This we heard from a reliable source.  He’s afraid the boy will rape his daughter.  They are two sex-crazed children Naked.  Once they are out of the view of their family, they behave hungry.  It’s a wonder they retain any class work.  They are not idiots, just two sex-crazed, under-achieving children.

A couple of times the girl like she was looking to get off the school premises.  Like she’s looking around for a grown man or something.

Naked, keep up what you are doing.  I work in the system and NOTHING you say on here is a lie.  Nothing.   If you ask me, if people were to really start to talk, a lot of people would get jump!  They don’t like the truth Naked.

Parents, keep an eye on and talk with your children.  They are not safe in our schools.  Anonymous

Naked Departure (Photo: Internet, Generic)

Julia and Nadia Phillips
Julia and Nadia Phillips

5 thoughts on “Dysfunction in St. Philip Home”

  1. You speak with a tongue of scorned about these precious angels ,these children are innocent just like Alicia they know not what they do ,these little ones thinking are distorted to beleave it is normal to do this , help them hold them and tell them you love them and everything is going to be alright,write to the principle of this school and back it up with a copy to the CCB and knowing the history of the CCB I will follow it with a copy to nation news and notation to naked departure with all copies send out and to who .If in a few weeks and nothing have been done let nakedlites know .NOW I hope you are telling us the truth and not haveing a pit with the parents.


  2. MEN! That abused Children are Very Sick! the normal Male do not have Feeling’s for a Child or Children , it doesn’t even Enters his heart’s or thought’s! He doesn’t Exercise Sexual behaviors in his Mind about Children! The Sick does this ! Women if you have Men around your Home With these behaviors , remove them before too late! Remove the Mongoose from the Chicken Pen!


  3. THESE Children need’s Serious help !this is the Power of Child Abuse the Children are destroyed from that Moment! That’s Why I Speaks death to the abuser’s.


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