Michael Lashley at Waverley's crash site

Michael Lashley Says to Lay off Workers

BARBADOS/POLITICS/MAFIA (Naked Departure) — MICHAEL LASHLEY — Naked, with the  holidays right around the corner and with many Barbadians already struggling to make ends meet, minister Lashley weighed in on the go slow at the ports by saying:

“If your business is being adversely affected, then start laying off workers.”

You believe that Naked?!!

While Eddy Abed of the Abed clanship is crying out and urging for the impasse (government and unions) to be resolved, a minister of government, Michael Lashley, had that easy fix: lay off Bajans!  Easy so!

Naked, you just do not know what we go through living in this hell hole!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

*******  More comments here Naked:

Millicent Small Please, why are the workers on a go slow? When was there a meeting , with whom, about what, was the procedures followed and talks broke down? Can’t seem to get a coherent answer from any one.

Carson CadoganCarson Cadogan (Michael Lashley) If your business is being adversely affected, then start laying off workers.

9 thoughts on “Michael Lashley Says to Lay off Workers”

  1. I WANT! to thank the Minister for Patching Some Of the Pot Hole’s I Mentioned here the Other day ! NEW! YORK ! NATIVE ! Bad Man ! Don’t Cuss the Man about his Mother! Leave her Out! my Friend ! Cuss he and his Colleagues not his Family. Always respect the individuals Family !
    Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! 2016 /////// Bad Man!


    1. More than what they have done already? We have hit rock bottom because of these inept jokers, who could not run a mongoose through a cane field.


  2. These ministers have no dispute resolution skills, but dont worry, when the electorate kicks them out Lashley will have to work on his illegal activities full time because everyone is on to the thieving, dishonest lawyers in Barbados.


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