Tre Sobers/Scene of Accident

Tre Sobers had a gun

BARBADOS (Naked Departure)  — TRE SOBERS — Good morning Naked Departure.  Seventeen-year-old Tre Sobers of Mount Gay Village, St Lucy, met his death on Sunday night when the vehicle he was traveling in overturned close to his home.

Naked, when his body was taken from the scene to Two Sons Funeral Home and he was placed in the pan to be placed in the morgue, Naked, workers happened to hear an object hit on the pan he was placed on.  When the people searched the dead man’s body, they found a loaded gun tucked in his boxers.

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At the time of the accident,  no one had the time and/or the thought to remove the gun.  Two sons had to call in the police to deal with the issue.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

12 thoughts on “Tre Sobers had a gun”

  1. Naked the partTRE grandmother fail to mention is all of them is friends including the driver them went football in sp town together and was drinking whiskey the fella that was driving the zr don’t drive van no more he use the van to carry out all of them cause it was the fella that get rush to surgery b day madam I know a life lost and any one would be hurt but don’t make it sound to the bajan public that the driver one was at fault them did on the way to drink fresh again the rain sprinkle bout 9 all that happen is them did travelling and went off dry road on wet and lost control


  2. Cor Blemmah! as Long he is bearing Arm’s ! He is a Street Soldier ! If not Connected to Our Security Force’s!


  3. Fallen soldier my ass,and so near to Remembrance Day. The Kunt should have shot the frigging driver and he would probably be still alive today.


  4. Man naked you lie!!!!! Wuh I hear he’s a sport maker always smiling real nice boy real cool and sweet he sisters say so not me cause I was there saying to myself d Pope like he had an outside child wid mother Theresea. But now this I’m shocked, so my question is what is such a nice boy doing with a big able gun? Was it a water pistol? Maybe he just find it cause people does find all kind ah things nowadays


  5. I dont mind the gun…nuff gun bout hay…one less kunt to pull a trigger as far as i see. De police gine got that back pon street just now though..


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