School children fighting in Barbbados

Animals Fighting in Uniform, 50 Years of NOTHING new!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) – VIDEO circulating showing Barbadian girls fighting in uniform and in the street.  And in the meanwhile, the clown has the biggest smile on his face while celebrating 50 years of (regression) NOTHING!!

“This is why so many of them end up in videos on social media, a bunch of brainless , useless no value, no pride duppy crabs.  Their parents just gave birth to them and leave them to raise themselves.  I would love to burn each and every one of them.”  Anonymous


12 thoughts on “Animals Fighting in Uniform, 50 Years of NOTHING new!”

  1. Somewhat amusing that the few people here represents the millions of blacks in the world.

    And the words we use to describe them would be considered racist if used by others.

    Resoect yourselves before looking at others for respect.


  2. Respect is a learnt behaviour. They do not have it because it is not present in their homes.

    Parents and the system have failed these young ones. Never mind, possibly 90,000 persons will join hands in the sun.


  3. This is simply heart breaking…I was looking to see if there were any whites or Indians in the crowd…but sadly only the negros…let’s blame it on slavery…yup its because of slavery that our youth continue to go astray. So very sad


  4. The parents of the these ” ghetto rats ” are idiots and probably were young teenage mothers therefore these school girls ” ghetto hood rats ” are the products of ” idiots producing idiots “.
    Black people need to be eradicated from Barbados .


    1. More importantly they are all black… black folks need a reboot starting with the women. When they up their game the men will follow ….


  5. Disturbing ! Disturbing ! This I’d normal behavior in all of the above Home’s . WRECK! Home’s !


  6. The women of tomorrow… useless to any man who has even an ounce of price. There is nothing and I mean nothing good or decent about these black women…phuck them..avoid breeding them and move on…


  7. This is ridiculous. These girl fighting and cursing like they don’t have any upbringings. I have a teenage son and if I was to c him behaving like that I would burst his ass on camera and post it so his friends will c and show him he isn’t a holligan and act like a child with manners and respect.


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