Dave Chappelle stood for something!!!

Dave Chappelle, Remember him?

HOLLYWOOD (Naked Departure) — DAVE CHAPPELLE — About eleven or so years ago, Dave Chappelle had a SMASHING hit tv show.  He signed a very lucrative $50 million deal and just a short time later he quit the show and disappeared in Africa.  Everyone, including Oprah Winfrey, thought that he was NUTS.  What young, black guys walk away from $50 million?

Chappelle later explained that he had very young kids at the time.  He was not comfortable with the sudden fame and media attention.  He wanted to live a normal and quiet life on his farm in Yellow Springs, Ohio with his family.

Cyber Monday Week! UP TO 80%! ADD AN EXTRA 10% OFF with code: CYBERWEEKIn addition, he was also being asked to do things that violated his personal values, i.e., wearing dresses for laughs.  It was not only the ‘laughs’, he thought the white people in the studio and behind the cameras were laughing at (not with) him.  He saw himself as a black clown, a caricature (an insult to his ancestors) and that made him uncomfortable and emasculated him in his own mind.

Fast forward 11 years.  Dave Chappelle has just signed a new $60 million deal with Netflix!

RISE TO THE OCCASION.  Stand for something!  He’s certainly not a perfect man, but Dave Chappelle is a hu-man!

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle, Remember him?”

  1. There is always a price to pay for the priviledge of living under the shade of the Holly (wood) tree and the entire entertainment industry in America . Do some research on it you’d be very surprised at what you find .


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