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I feel like a dog living in the yard: Elder Abuse in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good afternoon Naked.  I hope my letter reaches you in good health.  Naked Departure, I am a woman in my late 60’s.  I was in good health all the while, but took a terrible fall when I was out jogging a night here in Barbados.

Cyber Monday Week! UP TO 80%! ADD AN EXTRA 10% OFF with code: CYBERWEEKI was initially diagnosed as having a sprained ankle.  But as luck would have it, the injury did not get better and I almost lost part of my leg.  The doctors and hospital here didn’t see that the injury was much worse than they said.  It has actually affected and damaged my hip.

Naked, I am now in a wheelchair.  Naked, I have always taken care of my home, and my adult children have always admired me and my work ethics.  Anytime they needed something, they would send the grandkids to get it, and I was always happy I could help.

Recently, my son has moved into my home.  Did I tell you Naked, I am married.  So our son moved into the ‘house’ and the two men made me feel worthless and like a stranger in my own home.  My husband 100% refused to take me outside (in the wheelchair) for fresh air.  He knows how much I love the outdoors.  To make a long story short Naked, I am now living in the back yard.  I had a make shift office out in the back where I worked and did gardening and stored stuff.  Naked, I am now living where I used to work.

My son and my husband abandoned me because I am in a wheelchair.  Naked, they don’t remember the Christmases, the Easters, the Independence conkies, babysitting, the financial help and all I’ve done for over 40 years!  Forty years Naked.  They all went to good schools and had extra lessons.  One accident and I am put out to pasture.  And nothing from the other children.  Nothing at all Naked.

I hear here in Barbados other older people are complaining about abandonment.  Luckily I am on the internet in my old office here in the shack in the yard and can still surf the internet.  It rained like madness yesterday and other days before, but I kept dry, praise the Lord.  I hope they don’t cut off the internet, but I wanted to write to you.  It’s the way life is here in Barbados.  Barbadians have short memories.  You can do and do and do, but they throw you away when you can’t do anymore.  May God help us all.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

17 thoughts on “I feel like a dog living in the yard: Elder Abuse in Barbados”

  1. Anonymous you can write somthing positive if you find something.i try to find something positive and I can’t you ya self can’t find nothing too .let me try again .The prime minister is having a ball every body is invited WAIT! I can’t go that int fa people like me I don’t have de money I get lay off 3 years now ,I got to find de money to pay fa my medicine .and that remind me when I was in de hospital last week I was force out cause da did want de bed for someone who was worst them me and I got to go back and take toilet paper for ma friend I meet in day cause d hospital don’t got basic necessities.I now remember I got something positive to say my son passed for cow-ma-mer he did very good but wait! I forget de governments beleave in mash up and abandoned dem don’t beleave in maintenance and maintaining property that tax payers money paid for ,and my poor son int getting e education. YES I have something positive for you miss anonymous The people of Barbados are waking up to see the tricks in politics.


  2. Amyriel Britton ! Man a Like ya ! Head Shot’s all the time , Evil must be met with an Evil Response!


  3. You dear person I am sorry..our own can be so mean .have you not any friend what about a pastor you need to get hold of your pastor.sometimes when we get-to be seniors we see things differently and can be difficult to deal with I am not saying this is you but you and your family need to have a very serious talk ,you are us happy sick and stress.I do hope your family don’t take away your only link to out side communications.
    Get hold of your pastor as I was saying before let him chair a meeting with you and your family .I am fed up with the service we receive from our only hospital you lost your independence because of they tardiness and don’t care attitude,these doctors look at patients like if they are not human .I hope you get this resolved soon.


  4. THIS! IS WHAT I WOULD DO WITH THE STRAY DOG’S FOR YOU Mam ! ! ! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🔫


  5. I want to hear some of the woes in other countries instead of barbados alone or is it that there are only bad things happening in my country alone?Plz print something positive for once


  6. Is there any way , since you living out in the shack in the yard burn down the house dem Fackers in. Our find a way to poison them sons of bitches, as for your son I hope he finds a wife to give him pure shyte to eat , as for the cow Kunt of a husband ah hope he get strike by lightning . I pray that you will have a complete healing and turn the tables on them.


  7. LIKE FATHER! LIKE SON! How Can a Son Of a Bitch do this too his Mother, and Sleep ! How Can a Husband Committed Such a Crime against his Wife ! For better and for Worse , in Sickness and in Health ! You’re no Longer Two but One , Husband’s LOVE Your WIFE! As Christ Love the Church ! The Marriage Vows that’s Written in the Holy Bible! For the Man! Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016//////// Bad Man!


    1. Bajan to the Bone !, wait wha questions you asking ? how can a husband commit such crimes against his wife ? Look you gine have to let me exam your head cause you gone mad. Husbands have been doing shyte for aeons, some of them has the wife and children living next door to the outside children and mistress. Some move the outside woman in the house with the wife, and the wife dare not say a thing. Then you have those that beat the wife like dogs. I ain’t kno wha foolishness you talking about for better or worse or sickness and health, those men who use to honor those vows dead and gone. You now have the new age husbands who cares nothing about the Sanctuary of marriage, but we also have to blame some of us females for this type of behavior. We have failed to raise our sons to respect females , we have not armed them to be role models to their sons. I for one will not tolerate no man disrespecting me and I mean NO MAN , I don’t give a flying fack who he is, and as for one hitting me trust snd believe he will be DOA. Thank the Almighty for my crazy parents who instilled great values in me , they have gone on to their final resting place knowing that they never had to worry about me being a victim.


  8. It not Barbados alone when you get old or can help yourself it a stigma that your family and kid don’t want to associate with you. My mum has a stroke and was abandoned by her second daughter. I knowing how hard she work for all of us (she had nine kids) had was to give up my job overseas to coming to look after her, but don’t worry wa in meet ya int pass yu. And every man day does come. You will be ok cause God don’t put more on a man that you can’t bear. Take care of yourself and God blessing.


  9. Sometimes it would appear that way Anonymous but despite things happen all over the world Barbados is small and we live here everybody knows every body else. I can bet you if an accident happens and 10 people died you can almost be certain more than 70 % of the population would know one of the victims that’s how small we are everything is always in your backyard


  10. Too many males in Barbados have no empathy, gratitude or appreciation for the females in their lives, something is very wrong and barbaric about that mentality.


  11. I feel your pain my love that’s why my home is modest (not saying yours is big ) but whenever I leave this earth whoever wants anything I have better be prepared to face the creditors I leaving nutting but debt. Children can be very ungrateful I know what I’m bout so if they think daddy leaving house and land and vehicle daddy leaving debt loads of it I don’t have to own anything to enjoy the comforts of it. Mam sorry you had to find out the hard way but that’s life try to make yourself comfortable and happy and remember all you took was a fall they could encounter the same or worse life goes on love God bless


  12. Wunna does mek me f sick trying to make ppl all over the world feel that Barbados is the worst place on the planet.Yes we have our ups and downs like anywhere else but I am a proud barbadian


  13. SEND ! Me the Address Let me come and Kill the Two Stray Dog’s , the Son first , for not extending Love to his Mother ! Then the Husband , he has to Suffer , I going to Kidnapped he for a Week and Shoot Off Piece of he with my .45 big Gun every day Until the Stray Dog is dead .You need’s to Contact the Authorities also , Do you want us do anything else for you
    Let Naked no.


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