Jason Barker

Jason Barker

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JASON BARKER — Naked, there is more for the people in Barbados to know about this man Jason Barker.  Naked, everything I’m about to tell you is de truth about this lying boy. Jason is a definite bi sexual.  It’s a known fact people, he likes boys but he tries to hide it up by sleeping around with a lot women. He even sounds like a woman on de phone.  I know this boy very well, he went to school with my sister and used to sleep with a friend of mine.

It is true that he likes to inbox ya on fb.  He did it to few girls I know about he love to send ya nude pictures this boy nasty as f***, I even hear he gave a girl a ***.   Be careful girls.  I don’t know if de part bout kids is true but I wouldn’t put it pass he Naked.

Jason stop pushing yourself up to your friends’ women, it’s very nasty and grimey, you sleeping with about two of your partner girls, that’s F***ING nasty. Naked, he loves to deal with girls that already involved.  Find yourself someone single or you can get hurt if you don’t stop trying to break up men homes.  I know a man that had his gun on cock and ready for you but someone had to talk him out it.

He should stop peeping bout behind de well-known young girl that was tricking he, every spot she at he turning up looking like a real stare dog.  I even hear he went to tek an overdose behind she.  She does not want ya bi sexual, she has her rich man supporting her.  Jason is de talk of de town at de bars de men in de shops sayin he drinking hard because he can not tek de horns she was putting in he ass.  She very right cause you ain’t got no money.  I sorry for whoever woman he pick up.  He would end up f***ng de mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, uncle everyone.  Beware of this germ.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Jason Barker”

  1. Reds sit to tale down you ever saw him in a bulla act or a man f him if he msg you well fine but stop sayin tins like he nasty but wa got me he nasty an stil you all laid down with him so he would be thee worst if wanna find out all wAnna sharing thee same ck Tht wanna sayin is a bulla NAKED cud best stop posting you all crap 💩 Note this stop comin on naked an talkin shit but wanna ent brave enough to do so LMAO wAnna can’t get no more a Tht BULLA COCKTAIL 😂😂😂😂I will take it for you alll 👶🏼 Daddy 😁💕


  2. If it’s true Tht suit wAnna I never saw him with a d in his a further more how would you feel if wanna see thee man or men wAnna Havin s with you all talkin things you all hear well he never giv me no an all kinda crap wAnna talkin it’s one tin you all women should know ya can’t ever take away a man childhood som men do cheat an som don’t nobody is perfect but you all takin this tin real far I hope you all don’t ever find out on naked about thee men wAnna got or had ya only got to say somtin an bajans like wAnna so does stretch them smh enjoy wAnna topic cause I tired a hearin this thee man ent even care about this talk he’s attending work same way eatin a good plate of food everyday same way so I don’t understand this writer like she wAnt to be like TINO BEST😂😂😂love my mr BARKER 💯❤️️💋👶


  3. Damn boy sumbody got you in here again! Looking like you on de hit list. You name talked in a shop after you hit naked de first time and everybody was sayin u is a d@g and that you real nasty. Stop inboxing de girls families. Lol lotta single out there. Ya gotta lotta eminies fam, watch yaself


  4. All thee time so wanna talkin boutbthee man An further more this is thee same AGOAT Tht write about thee man you would not give up at all your problem is you need to take thee kick in your a Tht Jason giv you an shut the door 🚪 I feel he bull you you an dun with your s so he is the world of shit for you so you cud stop putin pieces about people sayin he is a bulla he like to inbox people everybody does inbox ya weather ya look good or not you have so many times on your hands talking talking giv it up ma girl to love my 👶 daddy I hope your man ent a undercover BULLA can you swear for him too ?????? I guest not 😂😂😂 STUPID-A I LOVE ❤️YOU JASON BARKER 💯👶🏼Momma


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