Ken Hoyte

Kerryann Wilson and Laurel Herbert

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good afternoon Naked.  I’m writing to tell these two women to  keep my name out of their mouths.  Now Naked, the one on the left had Ken Hoyte the man I got now so she like she vex and that hard *** bony one name Laurel Herbert picking up she fire rage, *** like her.  Study it b****s!

If Ken Hoyte wanted to be with her still wouldn’t he still be?  Get a life Miss Wilson.  Miss Payne is taking over so watch yah self.  Ken loves me and yeah, you must be saying what he did to you he probably would do to me, but no love, I’m different.

I accept him for who he is and right now I think I have him just where I want him.  I am working on the child mother.  Once she keeps receiving pictures of me and Ken she will stop making him miserable.  I know I’m safe so stop talking about me behind my back.  I have ears all over the office.  You two need a life.

Me and my man building one so don’t worry, I can treat him way better.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

13 thoughts on “Kerryann Wilson and Laurel Herbert”

    1. Ken is a nobody he let py get he fired from sagicor general where the same girls still there Lisa would make the third girl he f from there and to think he get fired it’s like sagicor can’t get rid of him Lisa had a point to prove and she prove it but what did she accomplish hand me down dy SMFH get a life Ken at the bottom of the scale working for the white man as his slave so when wanna throwing stones Mek sure yah got concrete Windows just sayin


  1. Ken it was between u or Steven Williams that sells DVDs and because she knew u and ur child mother were goin through problems she took advantage of the suituation and u fall for it that’s all and it worked well in her favor play she sayin wifey vs side chick and side chick win cause she doin everything smh


    1. Ken is a compulsive liar he should know karma is real study it u have a child or suppose to have one cause he would always say he aint sure if it is his get ur life in order man grow to fack up lil boy


  2. Look I talk to Lisa about this over and over but I guess she couldn’t get no man so who show interest in her she spread her legs girl u have no self esteem and I talk to u bout that when u started posting pics of uall for everyone to see Ken hoyte fng u I told u bad move and he aint put u up once are u stupid that shows how desperate u are for u to put up pics for the rest at work to see and then gine say u ain’t want no drama u cause this and if u thought lori was ur friend think again and by the way all that mud yah does got on ur face consider me a tru friend and tone it down not cute at all


  3. Wunna real stupid to think this is really her writting up this bull….if she never responded before she’s gonna do it now to escalate the drama????


  4. Wunna real stupid to think this is really her writting up this bull….if she never responded before she’s gonna do it now to escalate the drama????


  5. Lisa Payne don’t be a facking idiot you can never step in kerry shoes so get to ass off her that girl aint studying u nor pathetic Ken he is a narcissist sociopath a fuckboy you ain’t see she upgrade and u still bout there looking as bad as ever wid yah top heavy self struggling to lose weight drink some poison that might help kerry ain’t got to do a thing wid that body the Lord gave her from the time Ken came to work at sagicor you had a Hugh crush on him and was bitter cause he didn’t look at u the way u wanted just like how u wanted Steven the DVD guy yes and wanted to know wah wrong wid u always asking ythat is your favorite word what u should ask yourself is y u can control your metabolism let me tell you y u to badminded one look at kerry any man would like her you need to stop dressing so old the best thing u look half good in is sagicor clothes always recycling your clothes you must ask the same kerry to take u to buy ur outfit for the Xmas staff party everybody last year looked elegant you got on curtain print you stood out like a sore thumb who aint had on remy had their hair done u had that same old style u wear every where and all bout the place like u did look good kerry in her bootcut shoes and lil dress sweet off and you got talk for her get a life you got what she left y would she be vex kerry Mek he dun wid he child mother and put she and he child out so wah sort ah man u got u can keep him I hope he take u next time to help pick fruits cause u want some serious employment


  6. YOU! need’s to Speak for yourself and don’t speak for any Man! Men are very Pretentious ! Stop Swearing for Men! Like Wise Men need’s not to Swear for Women also .


  7. You sound like a real fool ,he left he child mother he left kerryann ,you got two p that he int gun left you too .It too early to read a letter from a foolish b.


  8. You sound really stupid to think this man is the real deal I hope when your ass is kicked to the curb you don’t come back here with crocodile tears cause I will be the first to shell you down clown. If the man fg you now enjoy it while it last what makes you think you’re so special because you know a few more positions or you can fake holler harder than the others? My friend if Halle Berry can get horned any woman can get horned I don’t know you but I’d risk my Suv you’re no Halle Berry so tek the lil c and enjoy it while it last freak


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