Social security fraud in Barbados

Social Security (Dead People) Fraud in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SOCIAL SECURITY FRAUD, Barbados — Naked, ya up late.  But Naked, I know people whose mothers and fathers dead long time and the family members still collecting social security checks from the United States.  Naked, if I lie I die!

Naked, them does come and collect the dead people’s social security money every month like clockwork.  I happen to know about five people doing this.  The US Embassy in Barbados is supposed to be notified.  And some of these people do not put the deaths in the newspaper because they want to keep that money deposit coming and the dead person who dead secretly dead.

If any a wunna call me a liar today self, I will send Naked names.  Try muh!!!  And these social security frauds would be the FIRST to have something to say about ya.

Lalalalalala….Good nite Naked.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Social Security (Dead People) Fraud in Barbados”

  1. Tell me what is fraudulent about a spouse collecting Social Security after the other Half has passed-on or a child collecting up to the age of eighteen after the recipient parent has died?


  2. You are just a nasty bi**h just trying to lie and start sh*t about social security checks. Give the proof, or shut ya nasty mouth. You area typical bajan, full of hot air, and scandalous.


  3. You are a liar
    Let break it down
    Them have something name widows pension
    Then they have many types of pensions you can still received when your parents died or kids
    Or your husbands
    I lived in England
    My uncle is 88 and get 3 different kinds of pension
    He went home to bim for a year and had his pension diverted
    When he came back he forgot to
    Tell them he was back
    Now he ask me to to call up them up
    I did
    Those prople was like area 51
    I had to get my uncle to pic up the ectention to answer certain
    Question and codes
    He had to take me to his solictor
    Snd then to court to make me his legal guardian to see about his business
    Still i had to get a letter from a GP TO PROVE HE NOT IN HIS RIGHT FACULTY
    so it not easy to grab money ad she is saying


  4. U R liar, it ain’t that easy, ever so often the Us, Canada and the UK request a doctors certificate to confirm if u are alive and they stop the payment until they receive the certificate and when you call u have to have a code or secret password. I collect a pension from Canada, my mother collect a pension from England and my husband collect a pension from the states. liar liar


  5. You are not telling de truth ,da got something call life certificate that have to be submitted every three or sis mouth,so that would not be possible..


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