Vembie Johnson Leacock

Vembie Johnson Leacock

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, this ***** ***** hey name Vembie Johnson and she marriage name is Leacock….  Now Naked, she had this  bus driver fella and went and married she last child father and after them married he stop working and all she bills was in arrears and some get cut off…..Now she put out the husband and was still messing round the bus man and he move in.

Okay, all was fine and dandy till she start running bout wid the husband again……now mind you she got d bus man in d house babysitting she kids and she running bout wid d husband and other men.  Now d bus man paying d bills and putting food in d house and she feeding d husband wid d food d bus man buy.  She and d bus man get way and d same night he move out the husband move back in….now bills start to go back in arrears and he stop wukking all of a sudden again.

Naked, now she start running bout wid d bus man but she aint want to be seen in  d bus man car so she got window roll up.  Eventually she put out d husband again and d bus man move back in… she running bout wid da nasty,  musty, yellow till he teeth turning green one that name Fuzz that does drive Hillaby van…..does Fuzz at she all the time….and all in the bed she and she man does sleep in…….little does she know Fuzz say if he get he hands on she daughter that goes to St. Michael secondary school he gine lick d bark off she…..

Naked, all the food d bus man buy she feeding Fuzz wid…..gine out wid dem getting drunk and dem doing as dem like wid she.  I wish d bus man would stop being so f*******g blind and go from round she ***** ***.  She needs to clean she house inside and out and stop talk people name.  She does invite ya at she and feed you then talk bout it after…….and last but not least all after 12 and 1 am she 13 yr old daughter does be outside in d verandah or in d front house mek up in a young boy from down d gap…..he don’t be there to she son as she claims……..She need to grow up stop being a **** and have respect for her four children especially the two girls.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

Vembie Johnson Leacock
Vembie Johnson Leacock

12 thoughts on “Vembie Johnson Leacock”

  1. Vembie was always a worthless rat. She was sleeping with male teachers at Hillaby school even when she was doing all this and the children knew all that was going on. She was instrumental in the breaking up of an attorney at law and her husband. No wonder the daughter is behaving that way. Apple does not fall far from the tree.


  2. IF! the Husband is thrown Out! for the Bus Man! the Bus Man Should no he Would be thrown Out!!! at Some Stage , and now Yellow in the Picture
    She appears to have an appetite for Bus Men ! I Can read this Very Clear and by her Photo ! This Woman is Rather SEXY! that’s the Problem What’s Surprising , no one into dead Yet.! Message fa Yellow Man ! tho , IF ya touch the Woman School Child! I Coming fa, ya With my Big .45 Gun ! 🔫 So Keep from the Lamb ! You have the. Bigger Prize already BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016///////


  3. She use to live in pie corner and hope road she did never nothing nice she or the Nyree or the Christine she use to role with 3 hot mess


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