Faith Marshall Harris

Child Being Raped at Night, Where is Faith Marshall Harris?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CHILD ABUSE/RAPE — Naked, every day we are reading about abuse past and present abuse that is happening to our children every day, sexually assaulted here in Barbados.  People who can push for laws to rescue our children from big hard-back men are sitting and pussy footing and children getting mashup daily.

All because they could pick up and drop off theirs at paid babysitters and private schools, it’s not their problem.  A person who when you hear CHILD ADVOCATE you automatically hear her name FAITH MARSHAL HARRIS.  Naked, I want somebody to tell me what has this woman done for children of Barbados to be called Barbados child advocate?  She has done nothing, absolutely nothing for our children.

When the media has a big story about a child who has died at the hands of its abuser or abusers, this woman runs to the media to make a statement to get recognition.   People needs to know she is heartless.  Look at her face.  God don’t like ugly and no pun intended.

l had a very serious case of an abused child.  It was bad.  I tried every one, the CCB, UNICEF — no help.  Couldn’t reach Shelly Ross but I reached Faith Marshall Harris and she refused to help.  She has a dogmatic attitude.  She doesn’t take your calls.  I pleaded with her secretary desperate for help for that child and that woman had no feelings for a child as bad as that story was that woman never would take me on after I try every day for five days.

But what is disturbing was a friend with a white English accent called and she took the call and all the English white woman had told the secretary is she was on the island and wanted to meet the magistrate.  That was five minutes after I leave messages and telling the story to her secretary about a child who was being sexually rape almost every night and I need help with this child.

She is not who she pretends to be.  She is an imposter.  She wants a legacy of doing nothing for the children of Barbados.  Children are losing lives because this imposter taking taxpayers’ money under false pretenses.  Having a big White House on the hill with 15 room and driving a latest model in SUV don’t make you human.

I blame this woman for many of the abuse our children are suffering and have suffered.  In the Bible God said to touch one strand of hair on the head of these little ones it’s better for a rope be tied around ya neck and de other end around a boulder and dropped in de deepest part of d sea.

This woman call herself a person who stands up and fight for the rights of children.  Where was Miss Marshall when that little girl at Springer was denied an education?  She turned up when a child is killed and telling de media how much percentage of children are being abuse and we need a sex Offenders registry.  So when this do happen she can take the glory?  Looking for legacy?

Faith Marshall Harris, you are among the walking dead!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

12 thoughts on “Child Being Raped at Night, Where is Faith Marshall Harris?”

  1. What people don’t realize ,black were in slave we we abuse ,spite kick wipe rape ,words would not and can not describe the rumination this atrocities melted out to this race it have left some us destroy for generations to come until this earth last.Some of our fore parents were rape and produce lighter skin and give to a class of people that have pride of skin other class of hair some have the notions they are better then black I am not black to be black is sin ,position rather it be in politics church country I am better, some with education a degree of some sort and holding political or what they perceived as POWER ,A transformation take place in the heart these people detached from reality, subhuman that what these people become.This is what happen to this person she see her self as elevated above Human levels to see her face she seldom smile to her own skin race she hate the color of her skin, she will speak to her unders in an abrupt tone so she would come across as dogmatic ,These subhuman watch we have plenty in the Caribbean would do everything to have high ends in life houses cars jobs what it be ,these are call pacifiers fillers ,Pacifiers or fillers are needed to fill a empty space A space that is dark and lonely DEPRESSION and madness.THE BOTTOM LINE THIS WOMAN IS A MAD MUM.


  2. I know this this b all to well I work for this ugly no body live in st George her house is on a hill big house she look down the Hill and call the people down the hill the villagers ,she is no children advocate she don’t have no children and she don’t like children .She have a big house lots of room lots of money have a big grown step son who live in his own big home next door and she could not adopted one the children that are owned by the state ?I beleave she wants white one.she selfish when men comes to work on her property she treats them like slaves little water water ya she tell them walk with ya all water and slammed de door in de men face. Now she did had work going on on her property she don’t have a chemical toilet for de worker a sweating man come to de door he have a number 2 emergency quick I know de woman so I told him she is here I can’t let ya in like yesterday day so I call her she make that man so shame i was shame my self ,she told him he should use his bathroom before he come to work she went on to tell him I have been working for x a mount of years and never use bathroom at work to shite yet and did she usual slammed she door in de man face . I could not drink a glass a water from her for her to see .she black but she don’t like black people.


  3. Faith Marshall and all the others like her are all impostors and corrupted folks who prey on the non intelligence of all the poor black bajan people . What media in Barbados are you talking about . . . . are there any media organizations in Barbados ?


  4. SEX! Offender’s Registry’s ! GUN! SHOTT’S Registry to Count the amount Of bullet hole’s in the Nasty Men that abusing Our Children in this County
    Faith Marshall Harri’s ! FRAUD ! (CCB) FRAUD! (UNICEF)


  5. It’s nauseating and highlights the slave minds of the leaders on the island, that they only take any matter concerning the lives of their own people seriously when it’s told to them by a nonblack that’s the slave mentality inside them surfacing to the top, alive and well, all the leaders in Barbados stand guilty of this, hatred of their own, believing a title makes them superior to their own people, a national disgrace that they sit by their telephones and only take calls from nonblacks, or whom they preceive to be nonblack, the wicked slave mind of the leaders.


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