FCIB Fraud

Damson Stoute of First Caribbean Int’l Bank

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DAMSON STOUTE, First Caribbean Bank Fraud Investigator is a Fraud.

FCIB has a very serious problem with employee thefts, particularly if you have standing orders in place, the employees see it as a way to steal your money, when you go to the Barbados Fraud Squad, the bank quietly returns the money to your account.

First Caribbean Bank Barbados has a Fraud Investigator Damson Stoute who works in collusion with the same Barbados Fraud Squad in a joint criminal conspiracy.

Many FCIB accounts especially elderly and dormant are being robbed and most people are not aware.

So the few that notice and report they move fast to cover up and not have bad publicity and exposure of the scam which has been happening for many years.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Damson Stoute of First Caribbean Int’l Bank”

  1. @ Justin

    Damson Stoute is a liar and a thief point blank.

    Been getting away with shit like others for years in our Bank.

    I am glad someone has outed him.

    Damson Stoute is one of quite a few at our Bank who needs to be terminated and exposed.


  2. The Frauds with Fraud Titles.

    Welcome to Barbados crooked deceitful Banana Republic.

    Continuing their white collar crimes in deception and stealing.


  3. Watch your account transactions closely People! This bank is known for lots of sneaky operations. They owe my friend $500 and she is lawyering up for them.


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