EVIL James King, Pedophile

Meet Evil James King. He’d be alive today if he lived in Barbados

UNITED KINGDOM (Naked Departure) — EVIL JAMES KING — The 31-year-old-sub-human James King filmed himself raping a baby and distributed the video to a pedophile gang site he was part of.  In what was described as evil beyond rational understanding (somewhat like slavery, but not as bad), he was sentenced to 24 years in her majesty’s prison (of which there are many) in Bristol.

Judge Julian Lambert said the case was one of the most horrific abuse cases on record.  He said: ‘In the worst nightmare, from the very deepest recesses of the mind, at the darkest hour of the night, few can have imagined the terrifying depravity which you men admit.’  (Let’s not forget about slavery — there was no worse crime than slavery and no one WENT TO JAIL.  But, come to think of it, it was the kings and the queens who used slaves, at their pleasure, didn’t they?  Who would hold people in such high positions responsible for enslaving dirty blacks?)

Wasn’t a prince from the slave enforcement family recently heralded in Barbados?

Naked Departure

Evil James King, Pedophile
Evil James King, Pedophile

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