Oshane Brown, HIV Positive

Meet Oshane Brown, a HIV positive Homosexual

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — OSHANE BROWN, a 21-year-old HIV positive homosexual living in a shelter in Jamaica, is angry that no one wants him around.  With a background of causing disturbances preceding him, Oshane is blaming rape and abandonment as a toddler as the reasons.

But what Naked Departure wants to know is, why shouldn’t people be cautious with someone like Oshane Brown in their midst?  Not once has he said he was celibate — as that would, presumably, ease some tensions.  And his suggestion to work at someone’s home for shelter is not going to work.  You can’t fit in at the shelter and you expect to fit in at someone’s home and around their personal things?  We don’t think so!

Oshane Brown, what you need to do is provide assurances that you would not infect people you come in contact with.   You have to impose celibacy (become a priest) or undergo castration (or become a eunuch).  Both are honorable situations.  Then maybe people around you will relax.

Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Meet Oshane Brown, a HIV positive Homosexual”

  1. Why when people don’t like what you say they call others name ? We as a public will be concerned of him spreading it and not telling his partners that he is hiv postitive.We all know there are some people who are angry they get it without the person warning them and they do the same to others ,you can have the love and affection when you are honest with your partner not when you want to want to be vindictive.


  2. if hes an individual he will want love and affection too…….being hiv positive doesnt stop that and your wanting assurance that he will not spread is demonstrating how much of an ass you can be………….you prefer to have sex with someone who has cancer who can kill you in less than 10 years but hiv which cant kill you your gonna stigmatized!!!!!!!!!!!!!….!


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