Ryan Walters of Burger King Barbados

Ryan Walters: You have to pay more for that Heart Attack

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — RYAN WALTERS, general manager of Burger King Barbados, is in print advising people that the price for them to get that heart attack is scheduled for a massive increase.

Walters blames import duties and indicates, to appease local producers and anyone else who really gives a damn, that if he could, he would source products from Barbados….but he can’t.  Burger King’s products must be imported into Barbados and the price for that heart attack and/or malnutrition stuffed in a paper bag will increase.

Imagine, Bajans gave up eating ground provisions served with salt fish and gravy to eat junk, GMO, fast foods geared to be consumed by poor, unintelligent, black people.  Imagine that!  Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Ryan Walters: You have to pay more for that Heart Attack”

  1. Not all of us gave up eating ground foods for the Gmo stuff remember that KFC has been here for about 50 years chefette for about 45 anything in moderation. Everyone tries a little fast food every now and then just don’t make it a daily meal and from what I’ve been witnessing with some of these ground provision you could as well eat fast food cut open a sweet potato all inside black and rotting pumpkin same thing leave it out for any length of time um stink and it’s impossible to grow every thing you like to eat. So eat a little bit of any shite and live long (not literally) cause ya know wunna bullers


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